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Pink Sugar: Pink Comeback

Her outfit would make Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Storm jealous.
She's my own super heroine - The Pink Sugar!
(It her first time in a super sexy corset!)

I hope you will love her. ;]

Pencil, watercolors, Photoshop, mouse and Wacom.
I made a lineart in June 2006. Color is fresh.


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yangsha's avatar
Nice superheroine character (and she looks tougher than her name would suggest)!
SwanEvermore's avatar
Love the corset.

And I know what that face means. That's the "You really don't want to screw with me right now." face (I've had that face on occasion).
HannahsDefense's avatar
Ohh my gawd. I love this.. everything about her (:
TLPCaramel's avatar
Love this~
rosepetal179's avatar
i like her a lot!!!! she is awesome!!!!
Raiderladd's avatar
Love your stylization..
IceYoshi's avatar
Aww I love her. She is very cute in her other poses and the colors are beautiful. I love superheroes and I think Pink Sugar is a perfect name for her. I love the costume too. :)
AsiaMockingbird's avatar
you have to make a comic or anime movie with her it is brilliant i love it can you make a drawing for me? sorta like pnk sugar but she is black and her color is red an outfit sorta like pink's but much different i can't beleave that you made her your self you can make a lot of money making custom drawings for people you know
artbyamandalauren's avatar
Super sexy and super feminine!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
twinkle1's avatar
This is really cute ^_^
PhantomHourglass's avatar
Anoterh sexy, kick-butt to add
boisterouspaz's avatar
sexxxy to the max
NCloud's avatar
Really cool work, lovely detail.
Acaciathorn's avatar
Amazing coloring!
Deamond-89's avatar
She looks awesome! :D I don't know why but she reminds me of Storm from x-Men somehow xD Just the way you made her expression and her hair whirling around!

I like her design! ^^ The pink looks great especially with the orange hint in it. Very well done. The heart-shaped energy in her hand and the heart-dust out of her cannon match perfectly! I'd love to see more from her! :giggle:
ClaudiaSparrow's avatar
As cute as that outfit is, it has got to be UNGODLY uncomfortable and hot. Well, we must sacrifice for fashion I suppose.
PookyWooky's avatar
I do love her.
In all her pink.
Even tho it's my least favourite colour.
She's amazing.
Kate1212's avatar
So much detail!
I love the quality of your work. :3
JuuhachigouSama's avatar
Wow. This is wonderful! I love the colors. The background kicks ass! Love the hair as well. Oh, hell! I love the whole thing!
confederate-Kid's avatar
Great Art---Thanks
i love your style :D
such a pretty superhero >D
FroschMonster's avatar
that is f...king great!...
the details...
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