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Pink Sugar

My first work in this year! And I'm happy because it's my own Super-Heroine: Pink Sugar!

And one more thing guys - are you interested in possessing figures of Pink Sugar? I know a great sculptor Mr. Joe Bailey who is open for cooperation. Tell me please if anyone is interested in.

:heart:♥ My other works with Pink Sugar:…

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Tyrannuss555's avatar
I don’t know why but I think she would get along with Cutie Honey
bunnylovinggrl's avatar
What kind of brushes do you use in photoshop? I've been trying to get this skin texture, but failing miserably.
rphb's avatar
Pink Sugar, that is a stripper name if I have ever heard it, where does she dance? Or have she already retired by now?
PJToon75's avatar
She looks gorgeous! Excellent work! 💖💖💖💖
AdamFrankenstein's avatar
Oooh, interesting design.
rphb's avatar
God I hope this is just the name of a stripper
therealAmia-chan's avatar
Looks like a real sweetie~ ;P *SHOT*

I love how you did the lighting/shading and the work on the metal, but I'm particularly pleased with the way you did the sheer part~~<3<3 Not sure why I love sheer accents on outfits, but I do! :rofl: Great Job!!
VixToons-Design's avatar
this is stunning do you mind me asking what you use for colouring? I'm trying to find a software i really love and you're work is inspirational
147CombatMedic's avatar
I think I've just become a fan of Pink Sugar!   :w00t:
PinkoPrint's avatar
Very nice and I love the name!
Foxiken's avatar
I love your character! So hawt!
alligrea's avatar
Ahh she's so beautiful!!!
ArunaWolf's avatar
Dawno jej nie malowałeś - widac progress ^^
Fajne takie zalotne spojrzenie ma :)
riziak's avatar
A tak offtopowo, powiedz mi słońce, ile ten twój sculptor liczyłby sobie za jakąś mała figurkę i z czego by ona była (materiał)? *_*
PeterSF91's avatar
Amazing stuff D.
Maybe later I''ll want a figure.
Anything to support my artist guy. 
Also, you should check your email :P.
VonEyEzine's avatar
taking notes from artgerm I see

daekazu's avatar
Haha, why? :) Becuase it wasn't inspired - but now I'm quite curious... :)
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