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Once Upon a Time: Chibie Queens of Darkness

By daekazu
My first idea after first promo with this dark trio. ;]
Ursula + Maleficent + Cruella 
>>> Merrin Dungey + Kristin Bauer + Victoria Smurfit

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honestly of the characters in that show cruella is the only villain to have been just true evil. like, no she was fucked in the head. everyone else, yea you could understand their decissions to an extent, even if you disagreed and they were still evil

cruella? no fuck that, dog murderer

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You forget that Cruella wanted to turn PUPPIES into a fur coat. :/ and in a rather inhumane way at that.

Plus... she was also a serial killer in Once Upon a Time
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Serial Killer?
So, I haven’t seen it, but let me guess:
when anorexia and screwing her way to the top on the casting couch weren’t enough, she furthered her modeling career by poisoning her competition?
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NOPE. Murdered all of her mom's boyfriends because she was being locked up in her mansion. Later had the Author of their authored worlds give her magical animal controlling powers to have her mom's dalmatians kill her mom and later turned them into coats.

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SERIOUSLY? They had to needlessly over complicate her with convoluted “Steven King ‘Dark Tower’” rip-off, 4th wall breaking nonsense like that? In the cartoon, her character subtext is that She’s a PROFESSIONAL MODLE from the “Breakfast At Tiffanie’s” era, has a black heart, and is struggling at 40 to NOT become a has-been like most such girls, by ANY MEANS. Such a person becoming a serial killer makes most sense either in competition for jobs as top (and therefore most beautiful) model, or over men who scorned her, (probably for realizing she’s a subtle psycho). That’s to GET her to the top and stay there from ages 16-35 or so, becoming obsessed with more and more extreme and exotic fashions as she has to switch from focusing on youth to performance to continue to be “Queen of the Walkway”. When they run out of LEGAL ideas (as just prior to England’s signing onto of the endangered species Act a few years later), she resorts to doing what she tried to do in the film.
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I really like Curella's face, she is actually pretty cute.
Yeah... out of PUPPIES CHICA INTENSIFIES chat icon 
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O Cruella such a fur adict
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XD I love this! It's just absolutely hilarious!
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I think Cruella is the worst of them all.
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I totally love this , especially Cruella
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More like "I WANT TO KILL PEOPLE AGAIN!":evillaugh:
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The Three Villainous Stoogettes. 😆😂❤️
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specifically made out of puppies
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OML I JUST... CANT.... STOP... LAUGHING.... SO TRUE.... XD XD XD XD X) =D =) okie I better
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