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Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack and Sally

Nightmare before Valentine's Day ;] 
It was commissioned tattoo design for one Lady. 

My other works with Tim Burton's characters

You will find them also on my :snowflake::star:Instagram:star::snowflake:

:star::star::star: Previous works with Disney's characters

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OMG nice job I literally love this movie

I'd like to make this into a valentine's card if that would be ok? And credit your art work, decoupage style and embellishment, your name on the back of the card along with mine? It's labelled for re-use on google but I thought I would check it was ok? Feel free to contact me.

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Your artwork if excellent. Some asshole on Facebook stole this piece of artwork and put it as the center piece of the canvas with some crappy images behind it, he edited your name out of it and said it's his own unique design...your artwork is Damn good...but God Damn it I hate people like that

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That's lovely. 😊
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the best ever.... a living dream!
1000000000000000000000000000% AWESOMENESS <3
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I would love to embroider this on a jacket. With your permission, of course.
Hi, I bought a phone case with this design on it on Amazon, and it had your Deviantart name on it. I wasn't sure if you knew or not that your design is being used on items sold on Amazon
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I've seen this picture reproduced on a clock during a comics fair!
Hey there just wanted to let you know that a facebook account is using your artwork and selling it on tee shirts and other merchandise. 
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Excuse me but I think your artwork has been stolen by a facebook page… they are selling it on mugs and tee shirts and some people have bought them. I just want to make sure you know 
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i love iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! <3 <3 <3
Your artwork is being used by a lady on facebook she sells dresses and bags with your images on them and claims them as her own her name is angela spiros mikronis and her business name is burb designs. Thought you should know
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Such a good work *u*
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That's a really cute one, cool!
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Love it OMG. Love the movie love this couple:love:
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Love love loooove this movie. Impressive!!
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I love nightmare before christmas! The picture is amazing!
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