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Love me love me...

"Love me love me
say that you love me
fool me fool me
go on and fool me..."

Cardigans - Lovefool (lyrics)

X-men: Evolution: Jean + Scott
Brokeback Mountain: Ennis + Jack
Tenku no Escaflowne: Van + Hitomi
Sailor Moon: Haruka + Michiru
Beetle Juice: Lydia + Betelgeuse
Corpse Bride: Emily + Victor
Aladdin: Aladdin + Jasmine
X-Files: Dana + Fox

My fav couples - not all of course!
Especially for Valentine's Day! ;]

:star: First from this series is here:

:star: Third is here:

:star: Fourth is here:

:star: Fifth is here:

And my other wallpapers: [link]

Pencil, watercolors (textures) Photoshop and tablet.
© 2009 - 2021 daekazu
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dalekdude11's avatar
nice job so meny great pairs in these aladdin and jasmine tony and jeannie sailor moon and tuxedo mask batman and catwoman superman and lois lane and so meny more you drew them so well great work
ArmamentDawg's avatar
Great image. I like anime-style art.
girlyanime2004's avatar
Yay! Haruka and Michiru!
MusicalNotes334's avatar
Yay! Corpse Bride and The X Files!
OMG! I love Mulder and Skully!
BeckyPennArt's avatar
I have a tear in my eye because there exists an artist who knows about Escaflowne, AND also appreciates x-men evolution the way I do.
LocalPeaches's avatar
This is amazing; I especially love how you drew Victor and Emily! Great job! :D
Maka12344321's avatar
the last one looks like Clint and Natasha
Clarial's avatar
I like the fact I can look at your drawings and recognize everyone at once. Such a way to captate their expressions, so beautiful...
i love the way you draw jasmine.
lovemondotrasho's avatar
I'm fairly unfamiliar with most of these couples but I am pleased to see that Jean and Scott are here!  They are like my OTP from the X-Men world!  Loving how Jean is unwilling to look happy with Scott.  We all know she's ecstatic to be with him ahaha. 
PixieGaya's avatar
Escaflowne!! Heart Heart Heart 
Superman X Lois. 
kimineechan's avatar
that dana and fox are sooo lovely *-* miss them =/

BloodfangTheGreen's avatar
Brokeback Mountain! Love that movie!
fairychamber's avatar
Beetlejuice Beetlejuice BEETLEJUICE
I thought Dana and Fox were Black Widow and Hawkeye. 
53striker's avatar
Omg milder and scully.
BigSisofSix's avatar
I love Dana and Fox as a pairing. I think they're adorable! (*just finished a LONG X-Files marathon, including movies*)
GoldenKnight57's avatar
Omg Mulder and Scully and Scott and Jean! This is great!
AScarletmoon17's avatar
I really like the way you drew Betelgeuse. 
MelodiaMystic's avatar
Love it! Especially Corpse Bride. <3 So wonderful! 
miss-ninja-cookie's avatar
yay, mulder and scully forever!!!
Autumn-Maple's avatar
Van and Hitomi!!! Yes!!! I love the Corpse Bride and Betelgeuse, too. XD
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