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Love is in the air...

"Love is in the air
Everywhere I look around
Love is in the air
Every sight and every sound..."

John Paul Young - Love is in the air (lyrics)

Just a bit late Valentine's Day wallpaper. A few of my fav couples. ;]

Tinker Bell: Tinker Bell + Terence
Alice in Wonderland: Alice Kingsleigh + Mad Hatter
Nana: Nana Komatsu + Nana Osaki
Harry Potter: Ginny Weasley + Harry Potter
Titanic: Jack Dawson + Rose DeWitt Bukater
Slayers: Gourry Gabriev + Lina Inverse

And one thing - Alice in the movie has brown eyes. ;]

I hope you will like it! ;]

Photoshop CS and Wacom's tablet + some references of all pairs outfits.

:star: First from this series is here:

:star: Second is here:

:star: Fourth is here:

:star: Fifth is here:

:star::star::star: My other wallpapers: [link]
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Tink and Terence are underrated in my opinion.

dicapriotastic's avatar
Leo and Kate!!! Titanic!!
FunZone-ToonGal's avatar
Looks like I'm not alone with the Alice and Hatter shipping!
Ai-to-maho's avatar
Well I'd say you got a Hotter Potter than a Harry Potter! lol Nice
JasleneCairstairs's avatar
Jack and Rose omggggg
Akeww's avatar
This was the best :3
Madame-Mozart's avatar
-fangirl screams- YES TITANIC IS IN THERE <3
Anthro-animals-rule's avatar
I love all of these! Ooooh, glad you put Harry and Ginny there. Now I want to watch all of the movies again soon! :)
Irislady's avatar
Thorberg22's avatar
I still hate Rose for killing Jack.
yoshiga123's avatar
LizzeaMC's avatar
more movies ! i can't write their names !! is so long !
mokielover101's avatar
I love it and the rest, Especially the Slayers:  Gourry Gabriev and Lina Inverse. Love'em
BlackfurofSilverClan's avatar
Ginny is so... Ginny. Her and Harry look amazing and brilliant and adoorable. 
CeceliaWolf's avatar
I LOVE Nana!  Also you can't go wrong with Tarrent (Hatter) and Alice.
Love it!
ahaha harry is so... harry :L
lovemondotrasho's avatar
I have to say, I didn't really like Harry x Ginny in the series, but I like how it's drawn here.  It's almost as if Ginny knows something that Harry doesn't!  Love the fairies in this, although I haven't watched Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure... and yes, Alice x Mad Hatter and Jack x Rose, two of the greatest OTPs that I can think of at the moment other than Jean and Scott!  Facial expressions are on point in this one too.  :)  (I have a thing for facial expressions...) 
DaughterofLondon's avatar
I'm happy to see that you included Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu in this!! >w< Thank youuuuuuuu!! :heart:
caroisawesome's avatar
ShyButterflyLove's avatar
I ship Alice and Hatter, and Ginny and Harry too :D
blackice999's avatar
Yay Harry Potter!
CandideDelights's avatar
Oh my god, you ship Alice+Hatter? Me too! So I'm not crazy? Hahaha. But with Nana, I ship her with Ren. I thought they had a more powerful story as opposed to Nana and Hachi.
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