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Leia: Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens

General Leia, because she is my fav character from original trilogy. So I had to do at least a little tribute.

Pic: 3/365 (<<< new challenge)


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Rey is here:
Rey: Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens by daekazu
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Simply astonishing! Amazing job on this artwork, Daekazu! 

I wanted to let you that we've featured this piece on our blog…

Keep up the amazing artwork as always! 
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the force it calls to us, the force it guides us, it binds the galaxy together  the force it will lead us to the true meaning of life the core of force the meaning of the force it all began with a single explosion started it all the universe then two creatures appeared but died creating the first plants and civilization and eventually when we reach the core meaning of the force we become stars,planets,galaxies, and we watch over our living relatives as they go on in life and when they reach it they become planets watching their living relatives and their relatives and so on and and even through we lost a princess,a hero, a general, a symbol of hope we still must carry on but as the jedi code says "There is no emotion, there is peace.There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.There is no passion, there is serenity.There is no chaos, there is harmony.There is no death, there is the Force." 
                                                                                                                                      MAY THE FORCE BE YOU ALWAYs
                                                                                                          rest in peace Carrie Fisher october 21 1956- december 27 2016

by Logan Martin
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Rest easy General.
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Leia, you are one with the force now, and may it be with you, always...
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R.I.P. Carrie Fisher (1956-2016)

Goodbye, Princess and General, may the Force be with you always.
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This is gorgeous!

Man, I lost touch long enough to forget Vader is indeed Kylo Ren's grandpa on his mom's side! Wow.
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She's my favourite character aswel, great job with the picture!
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Wow!  Beautiful job on Leia!  I love how you gave her those big doe eyes.  She looks amazing.

MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Again beautiful and gorgeous work on her
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I love her, and I think she looked amazing in ep VII!
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She's my favourite also from the original trilogie... nice drawing!
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This is awesome.  she is my fav too.
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This looks amazing. :D
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I think you tried to make her appear younger than she did and the movie and by doing so you made her skin a bit tight. 
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Ja w pierwszej części najbardziej lubiłam Hana, w drugiej Leię a w trzeciej Luka. Wciąż nie mogę się zdecydować między Lukiem a Leią kogo lubię najbardziej. :)

Świeetne jak zwykle!
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Beautiful! Great job on her expression and yay for her outfit from the end of the movie.
PortalXRockz's avatar
she still looks good af
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Absolutely stunning! I love it :heart: still I can't help but wonder... don't you think she turned out a bit too skinny? I mean in the movie old Leia was much more chubby. But still resemblance is very strong here. Very well done work!
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SHe was not chubby! She was curvy! Unlike that twig Rey!
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