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I Hate Monday Mornings

Yes, I really hate Monday Mornings. Pink Sugar too. Even if it's Valentine's Day. ;]

Once again my own super heroine - Pink Sugar.
I hope you will love her. ;]

Pencil and Photoshop CS. Older lineart and fresh colours.

:heart::heart::heart:♥ My other works with Pink Sugar: [link]
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I have a message for Mondays"
*throws the middle finger*
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This is such a cool character! 
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I feature you here, Hope it's Ok ;)

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awesome work, any tuts?
Milena-Zaremba's avatar
I hate every single morning. It's always better to get up around 11. No, really C:

/No i ja nie mam autoszczotki D:
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Mondays are terrible, unlike this picture, which is great (yes, that was cheesy)
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"Tell me why I don't like Mondays, Tell me why I don't like Mondays..." At least the Silicon Chip inside her head appears not to have been switched to OVERLOAD...yet...;)...!
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I couldn't agree more. I hate mondays. >_<
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I feel your pain, bro. MONDAYS SUCK!
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Pink Sugar is amazing! :heart: :)
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I DO love her! :heart:
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I don't like the colour pink, but this is just such a great picture, I'm willing to ignore it :3
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awesome work!!!! :worship:
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How cute! She's adorable.
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I really like your character.
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Your character Pink Suger is very adorable! She's cute and beautiful and i love all the hearts around her you make in the art. :love:
Ai-to-maho's avatar
She is so cute!!
LAvenus79's avatar
Oh yes, i do love her!!!
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I love that clock!!! I want one!!
DialN4Ninja's avatar
my fiances favorite color is pink and when i saw this character , i showed her , and now she's hooked
. she also loves your version of sailor moon , she's been a fan of that show since she was little and now she's hooked on all your work
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