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Harry Potter: Happy Halloween

By daekazu
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Something silly. ;]

Harry Potter: First Class!
With Ron and Hermione.

Pencil, Sai, PS CS + Volito2

Happy Halloween! ;]

:star::star::star: Other works with Harry Potter: [link]
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The drawing style is really awesome!

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This is too perfect lol 🤣❤
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Dementors make great Halloween decor

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Fun fact! Halloween is supposed to be a terrible time for Harry, but Joanne forgot to give him human emotions.

Also, Hermione's a cunt. Look at her being mad at Harry for actually trying to have fun on Halloween. Some friend.
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Truth be told, those two have carved a pumpkin similar to that before!
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oh my so cute! 
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Awww, this is so adorable and sweet. Just their expressions are amazing, and the lighting is incredible. Perfectly captures the spirit of Halloween.
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I love the whole thing I am sorta obsessed with this piece
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Is that pumpkin snape?!  
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Seems so! Wonderful idea!
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I'm confused why does Hermione look mad?
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This is really good! :)
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my sister thought the face was voldemort until i pointed out that it had a nose
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I love this so much. :heart:
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Harry is so hot
 tokyo ghoul gif ken kaneki 
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