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Frozen: Hans Christian Andersen

By daekazu
Well, I'm not a Sherlock, but their names sounds a bit familiar. :) And it's cool even it's not a truth. 

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Hans Kristoff Anna Sven = hans Christian Andersen 
moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
Elsa doesn't look too happy.
KEYtheUltimaDemon's avatar
This is as fun as when Anna and Elsa's parents survived that shipwreck and had 'Baby Tarzan'.
disneyfan108's avatar

Tarzan's parents and Elsa and Anna's parents aren't the same people

Rosie-Love98's avatar
I wonder how Mr. Andersen would react to that.

H.C.A: Ok, that's actually clever. But did they REALLY have to give the main villain my first name?
OddSquadAgentTrinity's avatar
Elsa looks like she's sassy....
ALExIA483's avatar
I thought about it a week ago xD
Ginger-Whooves's avatar
Hans Kristoff Anna Sven!
ATLAaddict18's avatar
I totally didn't think about that.
PirotessC18's avatar
Nice to know that :O
SirenDrake's avatar
Cute.  Kristoff is particularly well done.
KatyScene's avatar
According to the "Oh My Disney" blog from,
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Haaaaans... he is so cute~
LpsGirls's avatar
I have to play hans in a school play I am a girl......
I thought it was "Hans, Kristoff, Anna, Sven".
MlpGravityFalls-FAN's avatar
All the characters in the Photo all has 4 letters in there name Besides Kristoff. 
Dood - Emoticon 
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I think Hans Christian Anderson is the one who originally wrote The Snow Queen, so maybe that's why the names are similar. Who knows.
SeveralShadesOfRed's avatar
Actually, Disney confirmed it but it isn't Anna and Elsa. Anna + Sven makes Andersen. 
Imangee's avatar
I was just going to say it xD
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