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Frozen: Anna

By daekazu
Second work inspired by Frozen! :)
Sai + reference

:star: Previous works with Disney's characters here:

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tvtable's avatar
Nice different
Hello !
I'm a french Youtuber and I'm recording a cover of Frozen. I need a picture for my thymbnail and yours is amazing ! Would you mind if I use it as a thumbnail ? I will notice your name and the link of the art in the video description.
Thank you very much !

PRC - Piano, Reprises et Compositions
Car-54's avatar
Love it. One of my two favorite Disney girls. Probably not hard to guess the other. 
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
Anna is my favorite.
Fangurl03's avatar
I think i'm a tad late on frozen art, but beautiful work anyway!
ShimmeringDewdrops's avatar
This is quite pretty, and her hair has a nice wisping quality that is an unusual choice for an Anna depiction. Her face looks child-like and sweet... her eyes are also very lovely. And you used some rather pleasing shades of blue for her dress and the background too. Well done on this. :)
the-red-ninja-t-fake's avatar
I saw this picture in a ipad case
VirusAnon's avatar
Simply radiant!
InSaNe-SuNsHine's avatar
She looks so cute! Keep up with the awesome job  awesomer than prussia **fandom joke**
Nicknk's avatar
Pure sweetness :-)
ladyoftheclay's avatar
This is one of the prettiest Anna pictures I have seen,good job!
UsagiYogurt's avatar
I like the soft painting style.
WildKrattsLover144's avatar
Anna looks like here like she has dirty blonde hair, she would've looked even adorable if she had dirty blonde hair, but I guess strawberry blonde hair is sorta cute too.
MonarchNika's avatar
She has orange hair ._.
GisbornesHeart's avatar
I love your work! You are so talented!
NamelessSaint's avatar
We at :iconarendellemetropolis: would be honored to host this wonderful work.  arendelleMetropolis is a new super group that showcases only the best quality Frozen fan art.
IlithyiaEidsvag's avatar
I love how soft the colors are! Great job :heart:!
zaboo17's avatar
Wow! I really love how soft it looks!
Anna is very pretty!
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