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By daekazu
Futurama as a birthday gift for Bullsik .::. :]

I was drawing for 3 days, and my colored pencils look like this now -> [link] ^^; Now I can die happily... XD
It's 99,5% traditional. :D
And If you don't know Futurama check here -> [link]

Pencil, ink, colored pencils, marker & white paint
Fry's jacket has a photo reference.

ps. I haven't passed the second exam but.. I still have a chance to make it. :3
ps2. Thank U for comments on "Sailor Moon: Wallapaper" ^____^
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 i love this you have just made my day with this adorable submission.i love watching futurama:heart:
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You have been featured on Futuramas fanpage 8D <3
I knew it was you <3…
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Excellent, I love it! :D
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lol that's so awesome!!! dat zoidberg though :3
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Ooh! That's so awesome! Leela looks awesome.
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I really like this pic, but why the hell is Hermes white????
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He's not white, is he?
I like Futurama. My favourite characters are Bender and Amy Wong. I think Futurama usually airs on Sky 1.
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I love how Bender is taking money out of Fry's pocket.
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I looove this picture. : ) Leila and Fry are so...normal looking...haha, it's a change. also, I like how the other characters, like Zoiberg are around the border. C:
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Whats that girls name the one in pink
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yay zoidberg!!!! (\/) (;,,;) (\/) woop woop woop!!!!
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this is awesome, its quite a cute version of leela
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excellent! I like how anime they are!

wonderful job!
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This is awesome! :) Love the show, and love how you drew the characters :D
lol that is so awsome
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