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Domino vs Domino

By daekazu
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Domino vs Domino! ;]
ZazieBeetz from 'Deadpool2' vs Tatiana Dekhtyar from 'Bat in the sun' Productions.
I chose her look because it's very faithful to comic version + I love her in action. ;] She was also amazing Wonder Woman there!
Who is waiting for 'Deadpool? 


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Very beautiful ladies 
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This is so awesome¡¡¡ Loved it¡¡¡
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the right one's sexier
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I like the comic look-accurate version of Domino more, since her skin color and the black dot I believe are part of her mutation and I'm just more familiar with it, but having seen Deadpool 2, I am happy with the performance Zazie gave. Sad that we won't see a comic-accurate version in the big screen (at least, not for a while if we do), but if she continues to give a good performance, I won't be disappointed. Though if they make her mutation more present and have her appearance change over time, I feel like that would be interesting. Doubt they'd do it, since everyone would scream because they're turning the black character white, but I'd like to see something like that be... maybe a sub-plot in a future X-Force film or something. As for the hair, as a lot of people are complaining about it... I really have no problem with it. I'm pretty sure her hair is naturally like that and maybe they made it a slight bit more wild to compliment her ability, but I think it looks fine.
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Nie obchodzi mnie co mówią ludzie, kocham obie Domino <3
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Oh... nice work... i lose a lot of time writing about something else...
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No. That's Foxy Cleopatra VS Domino. I can't wait for them to make , let's say, Lobo with a dark tan...
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I kind of like the black Domino, I have no problem with that, but it’s kind of “forced” make her black…


This days everything it’s like this… you make an interpretation of a character that is was originally Latin (I’m Latin) or black with a white guy and… “It’s the end of the world as we know it…Nuu ” but if you make it in the other way then “it’s ok…Shrug ” what the hell…?


If you are going to make an interpretation (or re-interpretation) of an original character, and you are going to make it changing something of his/her ethnicity ok do it, it’s fine but if you are those of applause the changing of a white character for a Latin, black, Chinese, etc. and at the same time you are of those who get offended for changing a Latin, black, Chinese for a white guy you are a WHITE PERSON that feels guilty, or a WHITE MILLENNIAL (there are other options, but English is not my native language and I can’t say them all).           


I mean, if someone bring a remake of pulp fiction (I would kill him/her, that movie its perfect, but that’s not the point) with a white Julius (Sam L. Jackson’s character) of course I’ll be mad, because Julius is too cool to be any other way.


And by the way (that for you “WHITE” people), don’t call us “minority” :stinkeye: the are like 7000000000 of people in this world and ¼ of that are Chinese… so ALL OF US are minority compare to the Chinese people…



  1. Excuse my English its horrible
  2. I’M LATIN
  3. I’m kind of mad, crazy, and drunk…Bucktooth 
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I find it stupid because Domino 's skin color is the same as Nightcrawler, Hellboy or the Barsoomians; it is a purely fantastical one and there is no one with such color in real life. So would it kill them to go with it ? But nah, the producers went with that...
And what's more , this is Zazie Beetz with the proper rendering… THIS I recognize as Domino. I chalk this up to cynical tokenism honestly... Her performance was fine (though there IS another change that irked me in the movie...) thankfully.
But I get you, the whole white guilt is ridiculous ... people should be judged on their worth not ethnicity...
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Great art!! But comic book Domino is the only real Domino.
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Zazie's eye mark is the only thing bugging the heck out of me, I understand if it's painted white but it looks half done or the makeup for it was wiped. Everything else about her is $@!#*& sexy.
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Awesome style and take on them!
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that is 100% minimum rad
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They couldn't stay true to the source material couldn't they? *Sigh* I'm sorry but that Afro reminds me of Austin Powers 3, looks terrible. She is NOT Domino. Great Art work by the way.
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I'm not mad but just wondering how Misty Knight feels about her do being done before she gets to do it 
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omg i agree. 
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First off - lovely artwork. I especially like the version with Ms. Dekhtyar, but hopefully the other will be good too.

Second - THANK YOU! I didn't know about Bat in the Sun productions and their fabulous videos. They are astonishingly good. I especially loved the Wonder Woman vs Wolverine.

So thanks - without your drawing and you referencing the videos, I'd probably have missed them completely.
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This is actually kinda clever. They're like 2 different side of the same coin.
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I loved the first one but haven't been following the second one cuz it seemed so far away.  I'll have to look it up :)
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im judging this domino on acting ability if she can make me care about the character like samuel l jackson made me care about nick fury well welcome to the team.
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I love them both. Fuck the haters 
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