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Dark Shadows

One of my birthday pleasures - I went and I saw a new film by Tim Burton. In my opinion - great!

I started this picture 2 months before the premiere. But I have too little time...
I drew the main characters:
Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins and Eva Green as Angelique Bouchard

Paint Tool Sai, Volito2 + photo-references from the movie

:star: other works with Tim Burton's characters here: [link]

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Great job on this, truely a wonderful peice of art
dalekdude11's avatar
i liked the movie sad it got bad reviews
LizzeaMC's avatar
oh ! dark shadow !! great movie :D
That movie was HILARIOUS!!
DernierAdieu's avatar
I love this so much <3
FrozenPower0's avatar
you should do  more of dark shadows drawlings
xXHollowLittleSoulXx's avatar
lo, I remember watching this X3
Icediamond600's avatar
Love this and I loved the movie this is based on. Great job!
Radhikita's avatar
lol! great expression
miinness0ottaa's avatar
oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh i love this!!!!!! so incredible
darvinha's avatar
amei completamente seu sesenho! eu amo o Tim Burton e um dos maiores produtores de filmes queja vi em minha vida ele e simplesmente MAGNIFICO! assim como esse seu desenho!!!
SportyPeach9891's avatar
Love it! :) You should check out the dolls I made of the main female characters, including Angelique.
corpsedoggy's avatar
k4rk4tv4nt4s's avatar
omg you have seen this movie wowie ur gr8
MeerkatYS2011's avatar
awesome painting & great movie
SoullessSaphire's avatar
Shelby2398's avatar
I frikin love that movie! this is awesome!
REDVAMPIRE120652's avatar
He looks like me, when I was in my 20's.. V
MorganaDarkness's avatar
just saw the movie for Halloween! i loved it XD so funny and weird
MychelleWonderland's avatar
I loved the expression in the face of Barnabas! Loved!
GagaPotterTribute's avatar
lolz finally just watched this...I have it on reply right now and I LOVED it! :P Super weird! But yet again...what Burton film with Depp isn't?? :P
thecarter41's avatar
Cool, depp film. I personally loved the film and lmfao:lmao: nearly every 5 mins watching it. This pic is right out of the film, cool8-).
Katharine-Elizabeth's avatar
Oh my goodness this movie was funny. Probably because I went to go see it with like three of thebgirls from my softball team and one of our coach's it was the funnest experince I have ever had at the theatures. I officanlly love this movie because of the good time that we had.
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