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Cinderella: Ella and Cindy

New Cindy vs Classic Cindy. ;]
Just for fun.

Second version:
Cinderella: Ella vs Cindy by daekazu

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Davynski's avatar
Mmm, so pretty...
AdamFrankenstein's avatar
How lovely! I can't decide which one I prefer more, each design is so stunning!
moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
I like old Cindy best, thank you.
Ms-ShadowCrimson's avatar
Cinderella generations
IrinaKl's avatar
So beautiful!!!
DubStepina's avatar
czy ten kontur to kredka tradycyjna czy jakiś "pencil brush"? :)
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Beautiful work on both
AmyNChan's avatar
Nice job!  They're both beautiful in their own way and this piece doesn't downplay one or the other.  *^_^*
Redemptionthewolf's avatar
I like the original better I have to say.
TheCaptain101's avatar
LilaDuter's avatar
My favorite disney princess! :D
Phenometron's avatar
Both Cinderellas are beautiful. :)
ChristinePresley's avatar
Very well done !!!!
Jamster93's avatar
It could be interesting if you make a pic of animated cinderella shout "Brit!" at live-action cinderella and live-action cinderella shout "Yank!" at animated cinderella.

Note: yank is a nickname for an american person
Gothgirl378's avatar
love the new dress.
XCookienomnomnomX's avatar
I love the new versions dress ^w^ so pretty,
Glad the story was the same and they didn't try to change it,
I also really like the new movie! 
Vickykin's avatar
Love both!
NamelessGoldFright's avatar
Cindy Ella. :D

They way they're drawn makes it look like they're related actually. Hehehe...

This is still pretty stunning and looks greatly drawn! :D
Brand-129's avatar
I say same Cinderella but in different realities or parallel universes. Nod Great art work by the way.
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