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Cinderella 2015 + Harry Potter

Cinderella meets her Fairy Godmother... well... not exactly. ;]
Small crossover with Harry Potter.

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Fairy Godmother: "I died while being a euphemism for a female dog; get to the afterlife and proceed to dry-heave for an hour and a half straight. I'm doing this to try and make up for what I did."
"Yeah...nah, you're fired."
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Did you know that before Disney settled on Lily James to play the role of Cinderella, Emma Watson was considered but turned it down to be Belle? So things might have been awkward if yu remember that torture scene between Bellatrix and Hermione.
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Here is my interpretation of how that would go:

Fairy Deathmother: "Bibbidi Bobbiti ..."

Grangerella: "Oh no you don't! Expeliarmus!"

**Fairy Deathmother's wand goes flying**


G"How are you even alive? Didn't Molly Weasley blow you up?"

FD "Yes. Helping m..." *mouth sparkles complete with sound effects and immediately shuts closed* "sorry, 'Muggle-borns' is my hell and community service" *gags a small bit*

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I just love the joke here XD!
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I, personally, would love for Bellatrix Lestrange to be my fairy godmother.... Oh heck, here goes the crazy fangirling again...
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i would want hermione to be my fairy godmother
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Heres a picture I drew of Emma Watson, if you're interested.…
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that's cold of you. let me guess, according to pottermore you're in slytherin, right?
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I don't like Harry Potter. I like Bellatrix and Bellatrix alone for the reason of she is Helena Bonham Carter. I'm not the original artist so maybe you should talk to him instead of me.
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Yeah, that's not creepy at all.
Narcissa's outfit?
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Ohmagosh, LOL! 😂
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Ha!  That is too much, and it's totally true too.
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Oh and my heart just swelled with Potter pride!
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Could also be Bella's twin Andromeda
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