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What paper do you use?
Pretty much anything I have to hand. Some paper cutters prefer a particular type or brand of paper, others don’t. I tend to pick the paper based on the project I am doing, whatever I think will work best.
Much of my cutting is done on watercolour paper because I like to Paint it First .
Other flat colour work can be done from anything from Sugar Paper to a Shockley Red Envelope from my bank.
If your just started cutting I’d advice using normal printer paper, your going to make a lot of mistakes so it is cheep, widely available, not so thin that it will rip constantly but not too thick. If you find that hard go slightly heavier.

Do you use a craft knife?

My tool of choice is a 10A blade on a basic Swann Morton handle.
I will occasionally use scissors.

You much go through so many knifes!!!

I think I use just over 100 blades a year, I’m not entirely sure how many but I buy them in packs of 100 and use it within the year. I can use anything from 1 – 8 knifes per image depending on the size of the work, most work falls around 5 or 6.

How long does it take?

For a paper cut on A4 paper, not to complex. Between 4 – 8 hours

Do you make mistakes? What do you do when you make them?
Yes, everyone makes mistakes and I am certainly not an exception.
Most of the time I either work it into the design or fix it on the reverse using masking tape. Most of my work has at least one fix in it, see if you can spot them!

Do you draw out your pictures first or just cut?
I do both, it depends on the project. If I have a clear idea of what I want to cut then I will draw it out, however I will still leave enough leeway to change and adapt it as I go.
Examples of my design process can be see on Tumblr where I post WIP photos, and my How Its Made folder.

How long have you been paper cutting, where did you learn?
I started focusing on paper cutting in my first year of uni, so 2005. My friend was into street art and he showed me the basics on how to make stencils. Beyond that I am mostly self taught, there weren’t many paper crafters on my course but we helped each other out when we could. I studied illustration at university and have a Masters degree in children’s illustration.

You know, you have loads of spelling mistakes on your pages.
doesn’t bother me, im the one with dyslexia, It the words didn't have dotted red lines under i'd never know i spelt anything wrng. If you fancy a real laugh try reeding my work when I don’t use spell check. THinking my speling was bad allready, then it'll drive you crazy
If I can deal with it, im pretty sure you and your superia abilitys  can XP.

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Thanks for the FAQ! 
It's always a fascinating read. (And I didn't know you have a master's degree in children's illustration. That makes a lot of sense!) It's nice to read these sort of things from a colleague (well, in the world of papercutting, we -are- colleagues, right?) Like what I said, it gives us a window into the artist's mind. 

So thanks a million for putting this up!