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stamp - don't judge a movie...

I made a don't-judge-a-book-by-its-movie stamp a while ago and got a request recently and I thought why not? It works both ways. So there you go. Click on the request link for more info about the stamp. =Aquarior explained it perfectly.
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Be a conformist, basically.
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...unless it's Twilight.
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Don't judge an anime by it's manga either.
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(cough) dragon maid
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"Don't judge a movie by its book?" Goood point of view! :)
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Muuuuuch better than the alternate
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This describes my feelings for The Princess Bride movie perfectly. I adore the film, but I HATE the book.
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twilight...we are all looking at you..
DemonResurrect427's avatar
are you kidding, the book was way better
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hey umm i see alot of stamps on peoples walls like their deviant ID, how do you do that? im new XD
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There's a little thing down on the right side that says "Details', copy the Thumb part form there and stick it in things around DA that support it and it should come out like it is, but thumbs sometimes fuck up and don't work even in places they are suppose to.
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I think it works on this way too
when the book is so good but its movie is not good as the book,people says this movie sucks because they are comparing the movie to the original book and want the movie to has all the details in the book

but infact it is impossible,because of time and production and alot of factor
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Lol, nice. But if the book sucked, why would they make a movie out of it...? xD
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Well, if you've ever seen the Princess Bride, that movie was pretty awesome. But if you read the book, it's downright TERRIBLE. And that's the edited version. :/ Sometimes I think people know certain parts of a book will make for an excellent movie so they cut out the parts that are worthless, add some more good things, then show the movie. :3
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I suppose. xD And lol, I commented that almost a year ago. You're inbox must've been really full. xD
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No, I didn't make the icon. Just told you why I think some people make movies even if the book sucked. XD
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:iconponyclapplz: Instantly faved and added to my profile :eager: Thank you very much for your creation and praise! :tighthug:

You certainly earned a :iconpetllamaplz:
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I think it usually goes the other way, but I've know books to suck and the movie to be so awesome.
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That's why I made the other stamp first. This is kind of a follow up. :D
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I know I see. I just thought I would mention it though.
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