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stamp - don't judge a book...

By Daeg-Niht
edit - Alternate version: Don't judge a movie by its book as requested by =Aquarior.

edit - Changed the font.

I read that sentence into a Reader's Digest and I thought it would make a nice stamp.

Then I discovered that somebody had already done a similar stamp here, but I decided to submit this one anyway.

Template: [link]

edit - Thanks to everybody who faved this. I've stopped thanking you all on your profile because it was starting to take a lot of time.
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Some movies are actually loosely based on the book.

Ex. Priest, a Korean manhwa.
The movie adaption is very loose and almost nothing like the original manhwa at all.
littlesunshinelily's avatar
2008: don't judge a book by its movie
2018: don't judge a property by its netflix adaptation
Big-bad-Rocket's avatar
Going to say it. A lot of the time I find the movies better. But then a lot of the time I find the book better. Depends on the movie.
stoned-ocean-420's avatar

*breathe in* boi F2U 


The 2 anime and the manga were so good~
and the I find this and I wanna die.
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Like the Harry Potter movies.
The movies were just gold. I have all of them. ^^

My ma has all of the books, but I haven't read those.

I always wondered what the movies would be like if they were EXACTLY like the books.
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I think this could probably be said about A Wrinkle in Time (surprised nobody has!)
I didn't read the book, but I saw the movie. In all honesty, the movie was mediocre and pretty disappointing from what I thought it'd be, but I've heard the book is amazing.
StrangeStickmanStuff's avatar
This applies to John Carter of Mars.
sutoroberikurimu's avatar
All movies adaptations of books are horrible, end of story.
flaminqobones's avatar
Not all of them. The ones that actually stick to the book's plot can actually be interesting.
sutoroberikurimu's avatar
Except Twilight though.
flaminqobones's avatar
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*cough* Diary of a Wimpy Kid. *cough*
MillenniumShadow's avatar
I saw a video that suggested that Greg Heffley is a sociopath, which makes sense because she displays a lot of manipulative and antisocial behaviors.

And I do agree with this theory. But the thing is, kids are sociopaths.
Boys don't learn empathy until they're 15, and girls don't learn empathy until they're 13.

Kids aren't sociopaths because they're evil or anything. No, it's their survival skills.
We're all selfish and only care about ourselves and will manipulate others for our own gain, but it's about survival, and not being a selfish jerk as Society wants us believe.
stoned-ocean-420's avatar
That...that explains a lot for me...holy frick.
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FreezyChan-3Dreams's avatar
Loved this stamp. I might not be a big fan of books, But when I was a child I loved the movies of Monster High, but one day I decided to read the books and it was MUCH better. Even though the books might not be interesting to me now, They were well made. Different from Mattel's shitty movies made only for selling dolls.
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Haha, I have a shirt with this saying on it.
Mystery-Lou's avatar
Im using it! IF thats alright wtih you!
TheRealMrVendetta's avatar
The Percy Jackson movies are cheap and mediocre, but the books are great.
stoned-ocean-420's avatar
Yeah true, in the first move they cut out so much content from the original book UGH. Even my teacher hated it, that tells you a lot.
Jeanette9a's avatar
I cry for the saga of Darren Shan, the books were really good, the manga was pretty on point and a good read, what 'ell happened to the move... 

no, let's change up the main character for an older version of him that should know better, but decided to act even moron. 
Not to mention he is supposed to stay as a kid for most of the darn begotten plot and only to spoiler glow up later. 

we could have at least 12 awesome movies but no let's ruin the first one so that no one will even entertain the thought of watching sequels. 
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