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It's Getting Cold

By Daeaye
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And in my mind that means only one thing: Christmas. But aside from that, I'm so glad it's autumn - it's cooler, it's easier to get comfortable (it's easier to put clothes on than it is to take it off - at least, it's more socially acceptable). The leaves are turning and animals are rushing around preparing for the cold winter ahead.

There is a copse of trees in the park just outside of my house and squirrels live in them. I'd seen them bouncing from tree to tree for a while, but one day one of them discovered the bird feeder in the back garden and that was it! At first the visits were kept to one every couple of days, and over the last two years there are about 3 or 4 different squirrels (markings, blemishes and so on) that make about 15 visits a day between them. I still love seeing them, but I admit I take it for granted a little.
Well, there was a new one in the garden yesterday, smaller than the others but not in an unhealthy way - shiny coat and all that. It had to have been a young one because it was pottering about in the garden cautiously but also very nosily. Peering into pots and even in through the conservatory door. It tried to scale the glass, failed and quickly gave up, then, rather than run up the bird feeder, it ran up a small tree beside it and mucked about in the leaves for a while before scurrying back down, climbing another, doing the same, then finally climbing the bird feeder and nearly falling off of it.
It was disgustingly adorable. I got this picture while it was in the first tree!
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Too cute! Love And the story makes the picture even better. Thanks for sharing! ^.^