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I'm Mod Blathers, Hi!

I've made a blog centered around deviantart-specific drama - from scammers and thieves to bullies and rude users - due to most of the previously active ones now being inactive or closed down. I also aim to improve on some of the issues previous blogs had by requiring that proof be send in with submissions that include any kind of claims. General, open ended complaints - for instance; "I'm not a fan of so-and-so's attitude - or vague complaints/confessionals are fine to be submitted without proof.

Of course the blog is always open to accept anonymous submissions. Even in screenshots you're free to blank out your username if you're worried you'll receive harassment as a result of submitting proof against the actions of another user.

Come and join in some old fashioned deviantart drama!

( I may also be making a discord group for those interested in that kind of thing. If enough people show interest I'll finish it up and link an invite code. )
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