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My fave scene in Terry Pratchett's Hogfather. Decided to draw the scene for more practice as usual. View the scene HERE.

Brush and Ink • Water Colors
Cheers :B

C o m m e n t s?A r t S p i c e!
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EvaneyReddeman's avatar
This. This, this, this. One of the greatest bits in all of his books. A wonderful thesis statement for all of his work, I feel. This, forever.
dadothegreat's avatar
Thank you! Glad you liked it! :)
Sabrerine911's avatar
Wow thats some pretty intense s£$%t...Awesome!Mother of god 
R-dragon's avatar
best scene ever because its true in the end
great water and ink work prefer a dip pen to a brush but this came out really well
ever heard of guoche?
dadothegreat's avatar
Yes but I suck at gouache although I haven't tried yet.^^; I just feel like I won't do good with it.
R-dragon's avatar
that's why you play with it first, a brand new learning experience where you don't treat it , or expect it to act, like a previois material you've used but a fresh somthing.

and when you think you have it, or at-lest understand it, try a practice proper sheet, and then try on a proper piece of work.

i love playing with materials i haven't used before, its fun you don't know what sort
of mess your going to make. or what you find you like.

buy or get the cheap one, gouache can be quiet expensive

that all i can say on the subject for now
dadothegreat's avatar
Will do so in the future. Thanks!:nod:
R-dragon's avatar
your welcome. have fun
AzeilaRose's avatar
I don't agree with it, but the artwork is wonderful.
mandoron23's avatar
Oh man, Death was always my favorite character.
KillerBear069's avatar
that is beautiful
krrackknut's avatar
Ah, yes. One of the best moments in the book.

Thanks for doing it.
DayLight13's avatar
this is amazing! I love the pictures and, of course, the dialogue :)
xlovelylightx's avatar
Looks spectacular!
Silverelf-Gilraen's avatar
Good god, is your watercolouring work awesome~! And all of your comics to boot! :heart:
dadothegreat's avatar
Thanks! It means a lot.:thanks:
Nerrial's avatar
I... I remember this scene. I'd read it a long time ago and it has really touched me just now. Especially the part about the sun.
DarthScribbles's avatar
I flat out loved this dialog between Susan and Death and you've captured it perfectly. X3
dadothegreat's avatar
Glad to know you think I did a good job.:thanks:
laughinguy's avatar
That's... deep. :omg:
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