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Terminator: T-800 Model 101



This is a Skull-CloseUp of a 3D modeled and fully rigged Terminator based on the T-800:Model 101 from the Terminator 2 Movie.

All work was done by me in Maya/Mudbox/Photoshop over the past 5 months, for my bachelor of art thesis.

Terminator Rights © Pacificor
Terminator Design © James Cameron & Stan Winston Studios
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so list of things he can do:

beat the shit out of a whole group of tournament fighters✔️

beat the shit out of a more advanced terminator ✔️

beat the shit out of a lot of police officers✔️

protect john connor✔️

kill enemies easily via the detailed files on human anatomy✔️

survive many shootings and a beatdown against the t-1000✔️

come back from the dead✔️