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Green Arrow

By dadicus
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Green Arrow for a Friends Birthday!
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Jolly Good work!

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Black Manta: none of you know my name 
Green Arrow: I have a arrow just for you 
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Refreshing to see a non-pretty boy Ollie. Thank you.
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Fun and nice picture! Thnks a lot for your work! Keep drawing!
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I  miss the beard
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H-V-C-I=The Hero and Villains Character Ideas Group. This group is for those people with with hero or villain character Ideas or for the people who want to post up pictures, drawings, paintings etc. from their favorite heroes or villains!
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This is awesome. The Green Arrow is my favorite superhero!
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Thank you! I wish it wasn't so old!
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Totally doesn't matter. Still awesome.
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Awesome use of colors, I can really 'see' the breeze in the art, love it!!
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Thank you!

I don't think I'll ever get away from this picture!! LOL It's my most popular by far and I'm not so fond of it! What a world!
But thank you for liking the breeze aspect it's the first time someone has commented on that part of this pic!

You're my favorite person now!
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LOL no problem! Depicting movement in art is very hard to pull off, and you did it well! :clap:
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Thank you my friend you are too kind!
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Im in a photoshop class, and for our final project we have to create a calender with a theme. for my theme i chose DC Comics characters. I wanted to know if i could use your art for photo manipulations for my project.
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Sure! Have fun!
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You're featured in my news article Green Art [link]
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Nice art!
Amazing. So buff.
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That's fantastic! thanks you! what? not for my bday!!?!?!? oh well... thanks anyways for the portrait!
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