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Yes... its true... For those of you who will actually pay attention to this I am moving accounts. I have already started and if you want to know what account I am moving to note me and I will tell you. I will continue to check this DA for quite a while to be sure I didn't leave anything. The new account now own all of my characters and species and stuff. I am now selling MANY of my OCs and the Glitter Gel Pony Species. IF you are interested please note this account!!
School is out till my summer college class starts so I am gonna be on a lot (or try to be) so come join!
I am working on some Glitter Gel Pony stuff and probably some other art aswell!!
Name: Sierra
Star Sign: Cancer
Average hours of sleep: 8-9 hrs
Lucky number: anything ending in 7
Last thing googled: science stuff for a test
Favorite fictional character(s): Loki, Thor, Kirtito, Asuna, Yui, Avatar (Ang and Korra) characters, and Samurai 7 characters
When did you start this account ? About 3 years ago
Number of watchers: 189 (though  not even 25 are active)
What do you post ? Mostly personal art cuz no one really commissions me.
Do I run any more blogs: nope
Do you get a lot of comments: No
Why did you choose the username: I have always been a daddy's girl and it just kinda went on to here... And 97 is when I was born.
Adaliah-Pond Pony by Daddys-Girl1997

Ok so this is my precious lil bab and I need help with a name!!!
any suggestions are helpful!!

This pony is a happy and very energetic one! Other ponies can come to her easily and she loves to interact with everypony. She loves to keep busy even though she values her down time. She loves flowers and likes to explore new places though she does often feel uncomfortable if she leaves her pond for to long as she is very protective of it. If she has shown you her pond then she REALLY trusts you. Her biggest fear is harm happening to her pond and it is like her sacred get away place. Sitting around her pond is very comforting if something has gone wrong.

Also she is seeking a mate:
Male only
Prefer Pondpony but I will consider Fawnpony
no regular ponies

I know that it ends today but go take a look at this cutest couple contest!!!!!
The prizes are good and its fun!!!!

I entered my Patunia and her SSP Orchid
Patunia and Orchid :Happy Valentines: by Daddys-Girl1997
The computer I thought I was getting ended up not being mine (Ebay) so I will not be online as much as I thought. I am working on some new pictures including some of my old water bender Minka and Phirah my fire bender as well as finishing a team!!!! I will be drawing some ponies too but I thought I would give these to some love! = )
First of all I want to say Happy Thanksgiving (Turkey day) to all of my people!!!
I had some amazing home-made stuffing!!!

I promise I am still here and doing ok. I am so sorry I was not more active this semester as I have been in the past.
I have a job and work part time (about 30 hours a week) as well as I am a full time student. Due to this I have not been able to be online as much or make as much art as I wanted to.

On a positive note I finish school on Dec. 7 because I take all my finals on the 5th and 7th so since the semester is wrapping up I will have the energy (and time from no homework) to make art and interact like I used to. I am also getting my own computer (I have been using my mom's and school's with my flash drive) so once I get it around the first week of December I will be much more active and hopefully can do some like I used to.

IF you have read this far I want to thank you because even though I talk like I have many watchers I don't think that many do read all of my stuff or are actively watching me. So for those of you still here please name your favorite part of your thanksgiving meal (or any meal you had to day) and I will be giving you one free commission of any type of anything (I like a challenge) but you can not say anything in the comments I will note you about it. This may take a while to get started but I will make you a commission if you follow what I have said.

Have a wonderful day all my friends!!!!
I can't believe the day is finally here!!!! Monday I will be a freshman in COLLEGE!!!! It felt so far away and now its just surprising!! I will be majoring in Early Childhood Education and I already have all my stuff and I am ready to go!! My online classes are already set up (and I am ahead slightly lol)!! Due to this as well as I will still be working I may be online less but I doubt it haha!!

In other matters my Gallery is finally reorganized and good to go but soon I will be working on redoing my favorites.... as well as who I watch and the groups I am in.

OH OH ONE MORE THING!!! I have gained a slot to make a POND PONY!!!! so expect to see that soon!
I also have commissions done I just need to post them so please don't worry about art it will be posted!
After coming home from camp I was moved by God to participate in a fundraiser called challenge 31 for SFC. I will explain both of these for those who don't know but I need your help to do this and even if you can not help monetarily you can help by spreading the word.

SFC is Sheaves for Christ and they help spread the word of God around the world. They provide cars to missionaries in third world countries. They help support Tuplo children's mansion. (An orphanage that helped children recover from cercomstances as well as teaches them about Jesus) as well as help ministers start churches withing the USA.

Challenge 31 is a fundraiser for SFC. The challenge is to find 31 people (or more) one for each day in August. The 31 (or more) donate $11, $21, or $31 dollars to the person who has taken the challenge to find the 31 people.

I will be turning in the C31 challenge money on August 26th so I need every thing to me by then. Now as to how you can help... I will consider any method you wish to pass what you contribute. but these are the ones I know I can do. I can give you my address so that you can send the cash to me. You can also mail a check if you wish. I have never tried to use da to pass money (other than points) so I don't entirely trust it.

Goal: 31
Need: 31
# who have helped: 0

If I reach the 31 I will do something for everyone who helped. I dont know what but I will talk with the people who help and we will decide. If I go over 31 people I will do almost whatever of their choice as a thank you.

I am going to mention (by icon) each person who helped in another journal when this is complete. This includes those who just spread the word about this journal.

If you have read this far thank you and if you chose to spread the word please mention me and link it in the comments below so I can give you  recognition later. If you chose to be one of the donors I speak for all of the UPCI and SFC people when I say thank you.

For those who doubt this is real just research SFC or C31. I promise you this is genuine and there are missionaries who need your help.
This one is for a closed species!!!

<da:thumb id="618439448"/>
[/] You have an OC that resembles yourself (I am gonna/there are pieces of me in all my OCS)

[] One of your OC's has your name 

[X] You have OC's that are siblings 

[X] You are constantly drawing your OC's 

[X] You constantly receive positive feedback about one or more of your OC's  

Total: 3.5

[X] You have more than five OC's [hah..hah more like... 50!]

[X] Your OC's are varied 

[X] You have a main OC whom you love the most out of all your OC's 

[\] Your OC's are mostly mythical (just some)

[X] A lot of your OC's were adoptables [ but I have a couple of my own]

Total: 8

[X] You have a 'bad boy' or 'bad girl' OC 

[X] You have a girly OC 

[X] You have a 'cool' or 'sly' OC 

[] You have a sporty OC 

[X] You have a fun OC 

Total: 12

[X] You have a lot of 'perfect' OC's (half and half)

[X] You have a lot of 'imperfect' OC's (half and half)

[X] Most of your OC's are part of a fandom (all haha)

[ ] Most of your OC's are non-fandom 

[X] You have an OC that isn't straight.

Total: 16

[X] You have had a polished toy, framed art, ect. made of your OC. [umn. Made my own plush ]

[X] You are constantly talking about your OC's to friends

[] The first thing you did on dA was make an OC (nope... posted pics)

[X] Your OCs participates in a role play [umn...]

[X] You have made your OC in a game [i guess]

Grand Total: 20

Now multiply your grand total by 4
20 x 4 = 80%
Then title your journal as "I'm --% addicted to my OCs"
also please reply on the pic of the pony you want so that others can compete prizes if wanted!
(just comment if I run out but you want one and we will talk about it)
1. :icon
2 .:icon
3. :icon
4. :icon
5. :icon

Type: (digital, traditional, or name your special)
Add on: (more ponies or list extra accessories)
Link of pony(s): (example pic)
What is happening: (smiling or laughing if head shot or activity if body)

I will reply with a price once I look through your form. It will match the prices below.
Please do not send payment until I say I have your commission ready. After I ask for the payment I will wait until I get it to upload the picture.

Please note I only do Ponies and Humans UNLESS you wish to pay more.

Types of Commissions:

(I will likely be using my tablet)
:SSPCE:  by Daddys-Girl1997 .:Custom:. Sapphire-Shine by Daddys-Girl1997 :contest prize: chilling by Daddys-Girl1997 GGP Raffle (Closed) by Daddys-Girl1997 :Art Trade: Vampony by Daddys-Girl1997 .:Contest Prize: Custom:. Blue Bell by Daddys-Girl1997

Starting prices:
With Base= 50 points
No Base= 100 points 
no base costs a lot because I will be drawing it traditionaly then turning that into a digital pic.

Additional:  This has no limit to accesories but No Base is limited to 4 Ponies
+1 pony= +10 points (+15 for no base)
+1 accessory= +1 point 

.:contest prize:. gift by Daddys-Girl1997  .:Art Trade:. PrincessxAngie  by Daddys-Girl1997  .:Contest Prize:. Garnet by Daddys-Girl1997  :contest prize: happy pony by Daddys-Girl1997  :Contest Prize: lil sis by Daddys-Girl1997  .:Contest Prize:. Curious by Daddys-Girl1997  Princess Flurry Heart by Daddys-Girl1997
10 points Chibi Head (pic 1)
15 points Fancy/Elegant (pic 2)
10 points Head Shot (pic 3, 4, and 6)
20 points Half/Most Body (pic 5)
30 points Full Body (pic 7)

+10 points for pencil effects
+5 points per baby/small character
+10 points per teen/adult character
+1 point per accessory (each character has 1 free)


Couple Head Shots
.:Contest Prize:. Nebnilou by Daddys-Girl1997
Just a pic of headshots of a couple or ship
The bottom of the heart will be like below not like it is here
20 points for just outlines
25 points if you want the pencil effects

+2 points if you want the heart (it will be in red ink unless you specify)

Family Headshots
:Contest Prize: Laska and Raz Family by Daddys-Girl1997
This is where the parents are in the center with the kids in the corners
 30 points for just outlines
40 points if you want pencil effects (like example)
comes with 2 kids
+2 points for each extra kid either way
Pondpony Raffle - [OPEN] you need to see this beauty!!!!!

All are straight unless otherwise said!!!
When asking for a ship please do the following.

My pony (list below): (name)
Your pony: (name)
Pony Talent:
Image of your pony:
Bio/other info:

Screech by Daddys-Girl1997
Screech grew up a close friend to Naja and Nala (one of my twins) and while there have stayed friends he
is now looking for a ssp!! He is looking for a mare who is fun-loving.

(Lady colorase) Co-Ra by Daddys-Girl1997
Lady Colorase (Co-Ra)
She is a breed between Ra-Ra and Lady Rose (below) she is a singer like her mom Countess Coloratura. While Co-Ra is shy once she learned to sing her shyness could not keep her away from the stage. She is looking for a musical talented ssp. This can be from drums or guitar (prefers classical) to being vocal like herself.

Whiraina by Daddys-Girl1997
no info yet

Mahye by Daddys-Girl1997
Maye (Ma-Ye)
She is the Sister of Maije. other than that no info yet
Raz-y by Daddys-Girl1997
Razy is one of my OLDEST OCs and she is a baker. Her hair needs updated but she is still recognizable =] She shares a baking shop with Shinna (one of my OCS) and Shinna makes cakes while Raz-y makes cookies. something Raz-y is looking for in a ssp is that he cookes/bakes or is a business pony but that is just helpful. what she needs is a stallion who is ok with her working a lot as well as super dedicated and loving as well as considerate.

Lady Rose by Daddys-Girl1997
Lady Rose
Lady Rose is a distant cousin of Celestia like Prince Blueblood and also is a distant relation to Cadence. She is not a snooty rich person like you may think but she is a loving pony looking for a cuddly love but not supper clingy. Rose loves to take walks in the royal gardins as well as enjoys planning for parties. She is the royal planner as well as the palace decorator.

Sugar Bloom by Daddys-Girl1997
Sugar Bloom/Boom
Sugar is a fun loving teen that is a party planner as well as owning the club that night light and lavilla light work at. Sugar does bake/cook on occasion but mostly just works on he fun of the party and her club. She is looking for a stallion to be hr lady buddy as well as confidant anf help her with the club.

Amethyst Dance by Daddys-Girl1997
Amethyst Dance
Amethyst is an exotic dancing pony. Sometimes she will perfoirm at Sugar Bloom/Boom's club. She is looking for a stallion with a talent in the arts of some kind... This can be photography to making anything.

Elvira by Daddys-Girl1997
Elvira is the daughter of Darla and is a vampony looking for another vamipre pony.
She hates clingyness and wants to be loved but be more of a friend. 
Aurora Borealis by Daddys-Girl1997
Aurora Borealis
Aurora is a Flame-Light pony who would prefer a FLP SSP but will look at others. He is a mystical pony who is hard to figure out. She loves to be loved but has to have her space and she hates a SSP who is clingy.
Minka Nat **** by Daddys-Girl1997
Minka is the best friend to Patunia. Her talent is spreaddinglove like Candice.She is looking for a stallion who is a love talent as a preferably. She likes to cudle and hates to feel left out or alone.

2nd Thunder by Daddys-Girl1997
Lightning and Thunder
Thunder is mine and she is a shy pony.  Thunder is a shy pony and is rather good at hiding from those she does not like/feel comfortable around..... The only way to find her is if she lets you (unless its Lightning who can always find her =] ) Thunder is looking for a pony that is not shy but is not loud or push himself at her. Lightning is the opisite of her sister. She's is daring and adventurous as well as bold and can sometimes be a bit rude. While Lightning is not mine she is single and belongs to :iconnightwolf950: if you want to be her ssp. If you have a set of twins that NW950 would agree with I am more likely to pick them as I like ssping pairs of twins.
I am in the first act of performing my last musical as a high schooler!!! This is the last of 3 performances for this year's musical West Side Story!!! I will be posting pics on here most likely linking it in my but omg this is my last high school performance!!!! I am so gonna cry at bows!!! Ahhhh!!!!
Hello everyone! We apologize for the delay. This is out much later than expected!
Nor for the winners!

Third Place:

Afghan Ripple Scraps by :iconcherokeecampfiregirl:

Second Place:

Rainbow socks and slouchy beanie by :iconcoccis:

First place:

Simply Crochet Poncho by :iconxeogx:

Thank you to everyone who participated!

We will be taking off for the month of April; stay tuned for the month of May! :D
For your patience if I owe you art because of my focus moving to scholarship applications then I had a church trip and now I have a job over spring break...I will get stuff don't but I have school work to catch up on (a small English paper)  from my trip before I can do art again.

Also thank you for all the new watchers llamas and favs that I did not say before..  I do notice even if u don't say!!
Ty to all who participated and I am sorry it took longer than it should have to pick a winner!

GGP Raffle (Closed) by Daddys-Girl1997

 Sun Rise
    1- lilacponylover125 
    2- lilacponylover125
    3- @Romeo-Artist
    4- @Romeo-Artist

Sun Set
    1- TankySina 
    2- TankySina 
    3- TankySina 
    4- lilacponylover125 
    5- lilacponylover125 

For Sun Rise
#4- RomeoPonyArtist

For Sun Set
#2- lilacponylover125

Please do not forget the species rules and if you not you have to be a member of :iconglitter-gel-ponies: or I will reraffle off the pony!
Please credit me for the design the first time and credit me for the species every time they are drawn.

Congrats to you and thank you to those who entered!

Please feel free to check out our GGP Auction!Glitter-Gel Ponies Auction (open) (Light and dark) by DG-NWAdopts

Hello everyone!

So sorry we are late in announceing the winners, but that's because the contest was very close in who placed!

As such, we have an honourable mention for this contest! :D (Big Grin)

Honourable Mention:
Hogwarts Crest Pillow by TLPCrochet

And now, here are your winners!

Third place:
Purples granny blanket by CherokeeCampFireGirl
Second place:
I made a little crochet Deadpool! by LoopTeeLoops
First Place:
Big Moma by Pickleweasel360
Thank you to everyone who entered! Stay tuned for our March 2016 contest!
Its gonna be FUN!