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StreetFighter - VEGA

StreetFighter Vega (CAPCOM)

Now, revive the myth.
The warrior was loved by god.
The bloody white mask with his hand.
Bloody high claw with his sadistic desire.

March 2, 2012
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In a digital age where we are constantly bombarded with images online all the time, this is the kind of piece that makes it impossible for the viewer to scroll past. The setting is perfect for the character and even those who do not know Vega will be able to tell from this that he is an extremely dangerous warrior of the night. The pose is perfect for Vega; dignified, powerful, and beautiful.

The sheer details in his anatomy, muscle definition, clothing and accessories, etc are fantastic. The red moon as the backdrop which highlights his beautiful form is the perfect touch. The blood-red moon is also another homage to his character; in spite of his gorgeous and effortless appearance, he is a very violent, very ruthless fighter. Capcom would be proud of you for how Vega has been depicted in your illustration.

Astonishing work.
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omg, if this guy was a living person... the possibilities

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Supeeer and wery original artwork :)
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WOW awesome pretty and i have to say nice ass ,)
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woaw i love your drawing style it's really beautiful and you made vega look so badass ! 
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This is so sexy....I...
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Really well made!
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Dude, that is a dynamic Vega! Shadows, proportions, perspective, and even texture come together beautifully. I cannot think of anything that would enhance this piece at all.
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I'd like to formerly apoligize, as I found this image on google images, and thought it was absolutely amazing, so I did a stencil of it on my page, but didn't give you the original credit for it. I'm not one for stealing artwork, so I just wanted to let you know personally that if you happen to stumble upon it, it wasn't my intention to steal it. 

Like I said, this is amazingly well done, and is actually my favorite Vega picture of all time, other than his Alpha 3 concept x3 
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Nice drawing!...You should make this SAME picture (without changing anything) but showing he's full body,butt and legs,I think that would be epic!!!
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I love Vega he's my favorite Street Fighter are awesome....this is awesome....ahh~
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Well done! Simply amazing interpretation of Vega
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best vega art ever seen !! love it !!
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Love it, my main captured in all his glory... amazing!
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Really beautiful...I'm atonished...I have no words
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Stunning, gorgeous, and badass ;D
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He is dangerous and sexy... like an angel of death... And these colours...
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