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JOJO's bizarre adventure -Jotaro Kakyouin-



JOJO's bizarre adventure -Jotaro Kakyouin-

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Ah, finally I watched season 1-2-3. Stardust Crushaders was the best (for me). I love the story the animation, everything. This anime is perfect. Yes, it's weird, but I started watching only for a friend.

My favs are: Polnareff (loove him, funny guy), Jotaro (sexy man), Joseph ( love old and young too), Abdul (his death was bad like Iggy's, maaan. :(), Hol Horse (just like him). At first, I don't like Kakyouin, but in a second watch, man... I fallen love in him( he's cute, and his death was sad too).

This drawing is amazing, Jotaro's face killing me. :D

Sorry for my bad English. ^^;