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Dada Hyena's Creature Show Weeks 53-64



Creepy creatures and mirthful maniacs! Here's the rundown and the video links where you can see them:

Week 53: Gaira (…)
Week 54: Baragon (…)
Week 55: Alonzo the Armless (…)
Week 56: London After Midnight (…)
Week 57: Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame (…)
Week 58: Herbert West, Re-Animator (…)
Week 59: Hedorah the Smog Monster (…)
Week 60: Beetlejuice (…)
Week 61: Ash (…)
Week 62: Hellboy (…)
Week 63: Gomora (…)
Week 64: The Horror of Party Beach (…)

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While thee were all great, I think the Party Beach and Hedorah images really stood out. (I know, I didn't pick Baragon, it's in my name lol!) But I love the creepy expression of the sludge monster and how animated the sausage mouth fish man came out.