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The Iron Giant -Stamp

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In my opinion, the most underrated animated feature film ever. It really is a beautiful movie, with animation that looks as fantastic as any Disney creation. The story itself is just incredible...


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Hits me in the feels every time.
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i don't know why i love this movie so much but i'ma usin' this bad boy
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One of the greatest animated movies ever made by Warner Brothers. :D
xi-chaii--matchaa-iv's avatar
One of my favorite movies when I was a kid.
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This film is AMAZING! :heart:
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Thanks! The movie needed a good stamp. :p And thanks for the watch, just looked at your gallery- great stuff!
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That's my favorite movie, Iron Giant.

This is nice stamp.
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Thank you- the movie is brilliant. :aww:
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You're welcome.
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Haha, thanks. :p :heart:
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Definitely underrated!
I always loved it to bits as a kid, and continue to do so to this day,
thank you for making these stamps
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No problem. :hug: I'm glad you like them, and I'm glad to find somebody else who loves the movie. :aww: :heart:
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Same <33
I lot of people seem to have either not seen it, or for some reason didn't like it
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The latter of which I don't understand at all- Each to their own, but come on, its a giant robot- whats not to like! <33 And how on earth you cannot be heartbroken at the end of that film I do not know. :c :heart:
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Yeah, I don't see what's not to like as well,
good to know we share opinions on this
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