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Please watch if you want to read more DA comics! Read the rules to join if you want to submit them into the group!
:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:Rules to Join:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

This is a group created to archive DA's artists' original or fan-based manga & comics. This is a serious group of hard working artists! If you're here to read, please become a watcher and read to your heart's content! If you're here to submit comics, please read the rules to join. Thank you and in either case, please feel free to browse our very own DA's artist directory & immerse yourself in their stories.
Founded 4 Years ago
Mar 18, 2015


Group Focus
Art Creation

98 Members
154 Watchers
20,095 Pageviews
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Bi-Monthly Feature! / DA CA Rewards Page!

DA CA Rewards Page

Welcome Authors to the Rewards page of the group!
This exists to promote productivity in page creation for your comics!

We are all here because we have stories to tell but sometimes, we lack the motivation to keep going even if we started out great!
This is what this reward system exists to do! When you submit your work into this group, you are showing the world what you've got
and this can bring in readers, fans & maybe even friends into your circle! A little fan art always feels good so these 3 artists will do their
best to portray your characters in their unique ways:

:iconburningartist: :iconnoirerenard17: :iconnyquildreamer: :iconrandoxide:

(If you wish be a rewards artist, please note the group and we can discuss!)

Remember that these rewards are for pages POSTED IN THE GROUP

If you have more pages in your individual account they will not count for these rewards. Only group submitted pages will count.
Look below to see the rewards bracket and scroll all the way to the bottom to see where you stand and if you've won a reward.


:spotlight-left:Our artist may or may not contact you via note when they are ready to start your illustration! It may spring out of nowhere or they may ask for details for their reward. PLEASE BE PATIENT and wait for your turn. :3 :spotlight-right:

(Any harassment of our artists will result in a penalty where you skip your reward until your next bracket)

    Comic Achievement brackets

  • :bulletred:50 Pages: Sketch of the main character (headshot)
  • :bulletorange:100 Pages: Sketch of a secondary character (headshot)
  • :bulletyellow:150 Pages: Sketch art of any character (Waist up)
  • :bulletgreen:200 Pages: Sketch of 2 characters in the same image (Waist up)
  • :bulletblue:250 Pages: Flats Color over sketch of any character (Waist up)
  • :bulletpurple:300 Pages: Flats Color over clean line art of any character (Waist up)
  • :bulletpink:350 Pages: Flats Color over sketch of any character (full body)
  • :bulletwhite:400+ Pages: Cell Shaded color over sketch of any character (fullbody)
If you've surpassed 400 pages (and Bravo if you do!!) then the rotation will go back to the 100 page bracket for every 50 new pages. :)

*When the name is BOLD it normally indicated they have reached a new tier or it's a new comic.

If you have very few pages, I know that 50 seems like an impossible number but that's the idea.
To reach those goals and push through our procrastination, laziness or writer's/art blocks!

We are all capable of great things... so a little incentive goes a long way sometimes. :)
I hope this has excited you and for my watchers, I hope this gives you all even more comics from your favorite authors to indulge in!

Comic Title Directory

Pages Posted to date: AUGUST/2018

Next Official count on:  November 2018

   (:bulletred:Rewarded):bulletorange: A Hero's Tale by MrIHaveASword = 144
   A Night of Merriment by Retro-tv = 5
   Academy Royale by Van-Helmont = 4
   (:bulletred:Rewarded):bulletorange: AKRAV by Akrav-Comic = 115
   Ancient Order by Christoph-Schmidt = 19
   (:bulletred::bulletorange:Rewarded):bulletyellow::bulletgreen: AnK by Chikara-Redwing = 216
   Another Love Song by KarlijnVasari = 32
   :bulletred: Aphelion by Soulsplosion = 58
   Anne Frank 'n Stein by FlightyFelon = 10
   Arcana the Unknown by Shocktowerarts  = 4
   Awakened by ScarletHatter = 16

    BIONICLE: The Chase For Redemption by 0-0master = 37
    (:bulletred::bulletorange:Rewarded) Black Rose by DemonFox9Tails = 119
    Blackfur's Tale by Kuuda = 45
    (:bulletred:Rewarded) Blue Eyes by GoldElocks = 89
    (:bulletred:Rewarded):bulletorange: BOWBS by BurningArtist = 116

   Change of Heart by LCA1998 = 8
   Cherry by k-inkkomics = 7
   (:bulletred:Rewarded) Clams on the Side by dudlaArt = 53
   Click the Ant by 0-0master = 32
   Concerning Rosamond Grey by Hestia-Edwards = 4
   (:bulletred:Rewarded):bulletorange: Constellation by MeLoDyClerenes = 141
   Covert Lands - TyphoonTeaser = 9
   Cyren Bay by ronggo = 14

   (:bulletred:Rewarded):bulletorange::bulletyellow: Daemons Venatus by 4UComics = 167
   Dead Roam North by Mobis-New-Nest = 5
   Digimon: Tribulations by Helios-No-Jinn = 15

   Earthborn by singingstranger = 19
   Epic Adventure by OfficialEpico = 4
   Extra by StickFreeks = 20

   Factory of Madness by shellshock369 = 23
   Faith and Spirit by kanvos = 4
   Freesia by Carinaconstellation = 11

   Goki by SkylaComics = 9

   H IS BASE by Aya-I = 13
   Hazard Nuzlocke by Fascher = 3
   Hell Work by mrDYGA = 19
   House of Dust by LadyYonder = 9
   (:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow: Rewarded):bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletpink::bulletwhite: How To Be A Human Being by garfieldbookworm = 429

   Illusion by ShizukaTW and Blendamend = 7
   Immortal Night by Mochizuki-Rin = 13
   Inevitable by LeffiesArt = 13
   Invicta by Matakoura = 8 (No rewards granted due to non linear page submission)
   Iole and Orinda by shabbyrtist = 16

   Jack the Rabbit by JustAnotherFaggot = 0 (pending)

   (:bulletred: Rewared) :bulletorange: Kami's assistant by DrizDew = 116
   Kass The Psychopath by ihasnotomato =  37 
   Kingdom Hearts SOS by Mobis-New-Nest = 9
   (:bulletred: Rewarded) Know. - Tales of Lop and Svass by kuroya-ken = 82 (COMPLETED)

   (:bulletred::bulletorange: Rewarded) :bulletyellow: Le Vite by KarlijnVasari = 184
   Legend of Zelda - Together by CutiePei-Mei (Short story, COMPLETED)
   Lindy and the Seeds of Hope by  CutiePei-Mei/LivesinAramir = 38 (Discontinued)
   (:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow: Rewarded):bulletgreen::bulletblue: Lives in Aramire by CutiePei-Mei/LivesInAramire = 269  (COMPLETED)
   LM-MENTS by Shinkalork = 43
   (:bulletred::bulletorange:Rewarded):bulletyellow: Lost & Found by LostandFounding = 174

   (:bulletred:Rewarded): Maratistime by Caliguican = 96
   META Destiny Guardianz by veekaizhanez = 11 (discontinued)
   Mistake by MarVogue = 17
   My Samurai Story by BurningArtist = 42

   (:bulletred:Rewarded) :bulletorange: Nextuus by NyQuilDreamer = 131
   (:bulletred:Rewarded) Newearth by Aldemiro = 97
   NonFiction by HavocDusk = 8

   Oceanic by OrkyDorky = 46
   (:bulletred::bulletorange:Rearded):bulletyellow::bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletpurple:One moment in time by OMIT-Story = 321
   (:bulletred:Rewarded):bulletorange: Orionis Zeta inc. by OrionisZeta = 109
   Otherworlds by alx234 = 5

   (:bulletred:Rewarded) Paint-Feathers by PaintFeathers = 50
   Patience by WolfLover42 = 29
   Phantasia Fabula by LudosPhantasiaFabula = 18
   Phantasmo by silverhearts23 = 48

   (:bulletred:Rewarded):bulletorange: Quiran by Scheq = 122

   Radiant Blaze by AnnouncingAlan = 12
   Recollection City by HenrikeDijkstra = 46
   Red Hearts by YunikoYokai = 24
   (:bulletred::bulletorange:Rewarded)  Reus by NoireRenard17 = 126
   Rise of the Captains by Imaginary-Rat = 21 (Discontinued)
   Rise of the Frost King by rickthewolf = 7

   Shade by EmperorNeuro = 10
   (:bulletred:Rewarded) Sister Sister by CrystalCircle = 62
   Sol Station by Psyanacal = 16
   (:bulletred:Rewarded)::bulletorange::bulletyellow: space Age -Espanol- by garrus368 = 157
   Space Age -English- by garrus368 = 129 (Does not count for rewards. English translation)
   Spirit Lab by DracoFreyja = 13
   Star Quake Saga by YunikoYokai = 4
   Subject Underground by Anjeka = 10
   Sylva The Savage by SavageSylva = 8 (No rewards granted due to non linear page submission)

   That it all be for the Best by Drawstoria = 23
   (:bulletred:Rewarded) The Ace of Spades by MiraKiraII = 61
   The Age of Us by Adzze = 11
   (:bulletred:Rewarded) The Author by fluoroid = 52
   The Broken by BrokenFin369 = 5
   (:bulletred:Rewarded)  The Changeling's Sister by yondoloki = 56
   The Epos by Mei-Comics = 25
   The Gloaming by arosyks = 17
   The Holder of... by FuckinK-san = 16
   The Pure by BlueSpiritWolf6 = 25
   (:bulletred:Rewarded) The Request by MSSeymour = 96
   The Safekeepers by TheSafekeepers = 6
   Toothpaste and People by Engiru = 27
   ToXic Paws by DaHuskyPup-Draws = 9

   Unbra Mortis by Sanguynne = 9

   Voided Oversight by sm0lmiscreati0n = 12

   When the Sky Turns Black by Randoxide = 49 (agh! So close!)

   Yume no Sekai by SententiaSaga = 18

----This is BA, signing off and Happy Comic'ing!----
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Kuuda Featured By Owner May 15, 2018  Hobbyist
Hi! I have a problem with couple of my comic pages showing in wrong order, pages 41 & 42 of Blackfur's Tale. I can't rearrange them myself, can someone do it?
BurningArtist Featured By Owner May 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, I was planning on doing it soon. (It's cause you submitted 41 after 42 so I have to manually fix it when that happens.
DA can only arrange by most/last recent posts.)
Kuuda Featured By Owner May 15, 2018  Hobbyist
Thank you, and sorry about this :'D
BurningArtist Featured By Owner May 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
No worries dear! Already fixed! :3
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Hey, I'm not sure what happened, but I'm unable to post my comic in its folder anymore.
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Hello, if it's not much trouble, could you change page 1 in the Paint-Feathers folder to be this comic instead:  Episode One by PaintFeathers  
Thanks very much!
BurningArtist Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Done! Thank you for telling me!
PaintFeathers Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2017  Professional Filmographer
Hooray!! :D
DemonFox9Tails Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! I'm obviously new here and I was interested in submitting my comic here. It looks you you have a very well organized and well run group here and I would love to be a part of it. Are you currently accepting new comics? I just want to ask before I bombard you with too many questions.
Thank you!
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