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A Gathering of Players 2 cover by DaColdOne, visual art

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Not much to say. Just a slacker who has a full time blue collar job and is now an amateurish hack when it comes to 3D rendering. Actually, would like to update my rank COMPETENT amateurish hack because I now have this ongoing delusion that I kind of know what I'm doing.

I'll be the first to tell you that I am NOT an artist. I'm just a guy playing around with what is basically virtual action figures and sets that can be customized via editors and 3D rendering tools, making them into something I want, render them, run them through GIMP or Paintnet and then turn my lame little results into a bizarre comic creation.

I used to focus on doing fanart and fanfiction, but have recently opted to do "Original" stories and settings. Only recently (six months) have I decided to attempt that...though I did have some help/encouragement from a certain person who I will not name/accuse this time. But they know who they are.

I am also an "old school" gamer...as in I do play some tabletop RPGs or combat games (Battletech). I am also one of those addicts who still plays Skyrim mods.

I am currently using an older version of Poser (version 10) for my work because I know it well and the latest version (11.2/11.3) has been nothing but garbage and has made me decide to reinstall version 10 and start learning how to use Daz Studio instead.

Favourite Visual Artist
Thom Flemming (I hope I spelled his name right)
Favourite Movies
The Usual Suspects
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
A lot
Favourite Books
Count of Monte Cristo, Batman: Year One, Ghosts of Manhattan
Favourite Writers
Alexandre Dumas, Mark Waid (when he's actually writing a story and not bitching on a political platfom), and various others....
Favourite Games
An old game called Arcanum
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC...yeah, I'm a dinosaur when it comes to gaming
Other Interests
writing, 3D Rendering for fun...bashing people on the far left and the far right.
Not doing well. Not sure if I'm sick, hung over, or both. Cold bad, always cold, even when not in the cold.
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Sadly, Lord Piece O'shit (aka Todd Curtis Morrow), has decided to fuck everyone and demand extended mandatory overtime. No time to render, no time to write, no time to do anything. Really hope he dies on his next hospital visit. Everyone's burning out, he's getting away with abusing everyone, and the company gave this motherfucker a bonus check for his "job performance". Now he's bragging about cancelling the holidays for everyone.
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Okay, still around, but things are starting to clear up. No, they aren't looking up, but the chaos seems to be under control and I'm not contemplating murder of a certain someone and cursing Death for being such a lousy shot and taking out the good people while leaving the assholes that deserve it unscathed. But I digress. You've already read about how I (and a majority of the people who work under that sack of excrement) wish for a certain TC Morrow to make that final trip where he relocates to a much WARMER climate for all eternity, so I won't turn this into another "Die, Todd! DIE!!!" rant. So...enough of that shit. As I said, things are starting to clear up. The contract talks got resolved (where we got screwed and it appears our union reps WERE paid off by the heads of our company like the previous union rep), so I'm now on the five year timer of plotting my escape and working on other things. One of those things is being my Interesting Times project. Going to be focusing
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Thanks for the :+fav:- much appreciated!

Viper's Colosseum #2

Thanks for watching! ;)

Sorry about that, I thought I had you on my

Watchlist all this time. Fixed that problem

Thanx for favin' =D

would you like to see this guy draw the blood syndicate?


Thanks for the fav!

Excellent work DaColdOne! The time you must have to put into creating the cells of each comic shows the care and attention to detail you do. Keep it up! Thank you for sending love my way too. I really appreciate it!