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N5392 Aspen Grove's Golden Boy PB

Registration art by Dacoda132 Lines by KimboKah with some editing

Registered Name: N5392 Aspen Grove's Golden Boy
Barn Name: Gilden
Breed: Pure PadroHorse (Starter)
Gender: Stallion
Age: 3 years old
Height: 15.5 hh
Body Type: Medium (Andalusian)
Haircut: Short, roached between his ears with a long forelock
Horn: Set lower on his face than 'typical' unicorns. Horn is very straight and smooth, no twisting.
Personality: Easygoing. He loves little girls and flowers. He doesn't find it worth his effort to try to be the lead stallion. He's somewhat vain about his looks.

Starter design by casinuba 
Breeding Note: none/starter

Rare Points: 20 (Common)
Geno: EE aa nT nO nH NsNs maxnSpk
Black tovero NONUS + Horn
Maximal one color speckling
Mane stripes: Nonus

Previous owners: None

Bloodlines (Starter)
------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown

Breeding Spots: 9

*Twin Chance: 66%*
1. Designer slot for casinuba || Unused
2. Gift slot for AlyssaChantre  || Unused
3. Using to Tall Oak's Tears are Poison || Unused
6. Using to Ziona Marvelous Blood || N6657 Aspen Grove's Shock To The Heart and N6658 Aspen Grove's Bonfires
5. Using to Lucky Shamrock || Unused
6. Traded to ToxicFriu || Unused
7. Traded to ToxicFriu || Unused

QB Slots

PB Slots

Import Bonus 
        +7 PP
Registration Art
        +1 PP Reused Background
        +3 PP Fullbody
Gilden Headshots
        +1 PP
        +1 PP
Gilden Fullbody Doodle
        +1 PP Uncolored art
Flower Boy
        +1 PP
Gilden Colored and shaded headshot
        +3 PP 
Gilden and Kilo Tiny Pasture-AGSC 1
        +2 PP Chibi (Not sure if this is the right category?)
        +1 PP Simple Background (Again, not sure on category)
        +2 PP Ready-to-Mingle (Kilo is a standard unicorn)
        +4 PP 402 words
First Meeting-AGSC 2
        +2 PP Ready-to-Mingle
        +3 PP Flatcolored fullbody
        +3 PP Detailed Background
        +5 PP (516 words)
LittleCloverGirl's gift-Golden-Boy
        +1 PP Unshaded colored headshot
Commissioned Headshot From Moonkins59
        +1 PP Uncolored headshot
The Inspection-AGSC 3
        +1 PP Colored Headshot
        +3 PP Colored Flat Fullbody
        +3 PP Colored Flat Fullbody
        +8 PP (825 words)
AlyssaChantre Comm Golden Boy
        +1 PP Colored Headshot
        +3 PP Detailed Bg
        +3 PP Small animation
Appalachian Adventure-CH1
        +9 PP
Summer Mornings
        +11 PP
Padro Sketches Part 1
        +1 PP colored headshot
        +1 PP sketch
Golden Boy x Ziona Breeding Picture
        +1 PP Colored Headshot
        +1 PP Simple Bg
Padro Sketches Part 2
        +1 PP
Meeting Taco Part 1
        +5 PP shaded fullbody
        +3 PP detailed bg
        +2 PP Mingle bonus
Gilden Sunset
        +5 pp shaded fullbody
        +3 PP complex bg
Golden Boy Headshot Base
        +1 PP
Family Portrait 
        +4 PP
Gilden Base Edit Bunny Ears/chubbypon
        +2 PP colored headshot
Gilden's Gone Batty
        +6 PP Fullbody+detailed bg
        +3 PP Show Entry
2019 Gilden Secret Santa Gift by Eris-France
        +3 PP Flat Fullbody
2019 Secret Santa by zhalia-moon
        +3PP detailed bg
        +5 PP Shaded fullbody
Gilden Dolly Parton Challenge
        No PP Gains
Cheeb Gilden
        +2 PP Flat Chibi
Cover Your Sneezes!
        +1 PP Flatcolored Head
        +1 PP Flatcolored Head
        +3 PP Flatcolor fullbody
        +2 Ready-to-Mingle bonus
Little Ponies
        +3 PP Flat full
Aspen Grove Stables-Beach Party
        +3PP flat fullbody 
        +3PP complex bg 
        +2PP rtm bonus*
Gilden NeonicClover Art Fight 2021
        +3PP flat fullbody
Does He Ever Stop Talking- AF 2020
        +3PP Shaded headshot
        +2PP RTM (Kilo)
Total: 162 PP

Current Rank: Perfect Blood…
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Aww thx for the slot! His name is so fitting I love it<3 :love:
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