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A Freshman's take on a Graduation
I miss them,
I miss him,
They responsibly helped me when my grades sucked,
While unconsciously making sure that the memories that I had with each of them stuck
Leaving my thoughts to wonder,
as I watched them leave,
at graduation it was so bitter sweet,
with the a unused camera in my hands I ponder
Will I ever see any of them ever again,
My crush that I still look at fondly with a lost cause,
My Spanish tutor that really should have been payed to tutor me,
My ever so interesting band participants that knew how to support me
I shall miss them all anyway,
because they all will leave today,
finished after graduation they seemed to annoyed to take pics and stay,
I understood their annoyance because in my eyes this was a grim yet happy day
Just this once.... but I don't need pictures of them after all,
my heart shall serve to save every one of their memories with a protective wall.
:icondacningwondernight:dacningwondernight 0 0
Extension Execution by dacningwondernight Extension Execution :icondacningwondernight:dacningwondernight 0 0


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United States
Well...its kinda obvious that I LOVE DANCE AND DANCING <3
I am prone to failure as everyone is ._. xD

ART is awsome(again obvious!).
i might seem like an air head now....its cause im writting this when ive been awake for a full 24 hours now o.0.
i can be a bit stalker-ish...;D (dont lie we all are)
uhhhmmmm...lady gagas "eh,eh" song is stuck in my head right now& idk why..(lack of sleep :p).
THATS RIGHT! UNLESS U WANNA HEAR UNPOPULAR LADY GAGA SONG IN UR HEAD ALL NIGHT/DAY SLEEP!!! -ignor caps...on second thought dont cause it looks like im yellinh at u XD jk
._. me tired..... PEAVE !!!
i want a domo :3 u know how i just randomly yelled out PEAVE? well, i meant to say PEACE :D !!! (i really need some sleep at this point o.o )

Current Residence: a place i respect and not necisarrily like :P
deviantWEAR sizing preference: i am unforunantally tied to getting my clothes at jc penny =.=
Print preference: not really
Favourite genre of music: jazz ;D
Favourite photographer: MEEE
Favourite style of art: ALL ART
Operating System: a computer duh xD
MP3 player of choice: parents think il illegally download stuff so i dont have one
Shell of choice: white with purple stripes :D
Wallpaper of choice: regular
Skin of choice: the skin i have :)
Favourite cartoon character: CARRRL
Personal Quote: you dont need to be old to be wise ;)

Look at this! All that I typed there sounds so stupid! I'm so glad to see that I've progressed both taste and grammar wise from when I originally typed this~ 10/16/12

I'm back after a long break. It's funny, how much I've grown over the years as I flip through my D.A. - 2/12/15

    The Phoenix and the Phaon Legend

    By Wes Anneman

    -          Prologue     -

    A ferryman let an anchor away to return to his business, apart from the pilgrims of the island, all of which were busy for their own new town. Among those was a lovely young child who traveled the night sky, despite another having her hand, but not for long. At the edge of the shore, she explored again, finding a sudden explosion of lights different to that of the stars and fire, but similar in nature, yet not in color. In awe, as she had always been being that young she leapt to the others for similar looks, to no avail.

    *      Act I, Scene 1

    One day, a man named Phaon entered an island. Old and ugly, he had been seeing to a deathly crone by ferry, to which he became young and beautiful as a sort of pay, with her sudden departure. Of this Greek island, a young woman of aristocratic background, Sappho, rested, spoke with a brush, and had relations to her family. Phaon entered the town, at which Sappho had lived, and entranced all he encountered. Eventually, Phaon dawned himself with a large procession of all kinds, including Sappho.


        A ball was held in the island’s square, with all woman and men gay, for the favor was in Phaon’s beauty. Madness overcame the guests who danced like all lovers, but Sappho. Only interested in Phaon, she made several attempts to see to it that she appealed more in the ferryman, to the princesses that had traveled freight under stars and speech. At last, she gave him an heirloom, to which he finally saw her favor.

    *      Act I, Scene 2

        Adorned by the fading stars, Sappho had lain with Phaon for her love was as great and young as he was beautiful. Then on, he grew stale of her, rejecting her further advances. Fraught by her loss of Phaon, Sappho took back the heirloom and fled to the Leucidian cliffs, intending to cleanse herself from what she believed to be poison of Phaon’s beauty and her own love. In her folly, she made her odyssey to the cliffs at which a forest laid siege to her path’s end while malevolence strung Phaon to previous and remaining riches.

    *      Act 2, Scene 1

         The forest captured the new dawn and reflected the season, sheltering more than the modern, but a mighty creature, unbeknownst to the occurring drama. The creature awakening weakened by the advance of men, but a fool being young. Its feathers unfurled and glistened catching fire glints as the morning star rose and streamed into the cavernous den. Though ignorant of and threatened by man, the creature was also not fully avian, but upon its flight for nourishment the creature transformed into its full guise of a Phoenix.


        Catering to the Phoenix, the forest was, but also weeping, for the humans were splinters to its land. It was here that Sappho stumbled, saw, and inspired the mighty creature to do as Sappho had been, but wanting to be. Taken differently by the unknown bird, Sappho follows entertaining herself with this new. Sappho was a cat and the Phoenix a mouse in the mind, until they reached a clearing where a rock stood tall over the den of the Phoenix in which she had returned.

    *      Act 2, Scene 2

        Stricken still, but also having the mind of man, Sappho laid a quick and circumspect path to the once covered entrance of the den wherein she witnessed the god-like scene. Ignorant of man and the one that had seen her, the Phoenix fled to revert and rest in its den, that the creature had known a history of comfort and security to which she had desired again, unknowingly to Sappho who subsequently witnessed this.


        Even more human, yet like the Phoenix creature, Sappho finally introduced her presence from the shades of the large roots covering the den entrance. Taken from its security once more, the Phoenix creature had no other way to flee, but the Phoenix creature too saw her likeness in Sappho and was also of a mind like man, being ignorant and desiring fulfillment of that she knew but also did not know.


        It was then that they danced like they had done upon their discovery in the forest, but different from that time and different from the time Sappho had spent with Phaon, who had finally caught his trek for possession to find this curious display. Sacred being witness by a background of profane, Phaon was like the other towns people that had been his procession; upstaged and under the beauty of the Phoenix creature, and indifferent to Sappho once more.


        It was dark with the couple outlasting Phaon, who left in a stupor to retire in the town, he had left as Sappho saw the true receiver of her heirloom, that night into everlasting. That is, the Phoenix creature accepted, until her own impending doom as a result of her very nature and the mysterious weakening of her state, the Phoenix had gained enough from the evening with Sappho to tell. Sappho then remembered the poison of Phaon, and refused to do as she had done out of denial and love, despite this being a different love, again. And so, the creature had the ownership of riches, for Sappho had a need for the Phoenix creature to know of them after the Phoenix creature’s very nature.

    *      Act III, Scene 1

        It was like this, into the night where Phaon dreamt of the phoenix creature’s likeness and power, like his own, and he was absolute to the end of the night and into the morning. In the dawn light, he sought the phoenix creature once again and made his way to that den.


        Still in his dream while awake, he had forgotten Sappho, even as he gazed upon the phoenix creature in harmonious rest with Sappho. Passing into another stupor he sat the day till he saw the heirloom by Sappho’s hand to the Phoenix creature herself. Remembering his desire, that had now awakened from a sleeping jealousy, he was Hercules under Hera; Phaon became mad once more, now and also for the love that he felt from the two being so different than what he had from Sappho. And so he moved spiting Sappho as he sought the phoenix creature more.

    *      Act III, Scene 2

        At midday, Phaon’s procession was blind and so was he, but they marched anyway for the Phoenix creature, he had told them, out for his own gain. Upon this, the forest choked on the men, like splinters in flesh they were! And the Phoenix creature had felt it, as well as her very nature. She urged Sappho to flee from the comings. Sappho, young but not as she was after Phaon’s ball, refused numerous times as they frantically danced in a whirl of a worlds their own. Then, there was Phaon and his arms, a flight of all to the Leucidian cliffs, and upon a reach filled with denial for a lover’s embrace being contained by an avengers rage, a man fired. There was a great flash of everything and then nothing.


    -          Epilogue     -

    The day was cold and cloudy for an emergence of light and new creature from ashes. The ashes had seen the love of another reach, only to weep and jump from cliffs shortly after the madness of blind avengers had left. These things, where not seen by the creature in the ashes, but within them there was an heirloom. The heirloom stirred, in the possession of the creature something that it knew. That something looking down on the creature to begin anew.





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