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Gazelle, Zootopia Wallpaper (16:9)

By Dachimotsu
Not a commission this time! It's actually something I've been working on since I saw Zootopia about a couple months ago, but haven't been able to finish due to commissions and Dark Souls 2 ruling my life.
Zootopia is a fucking awesome movie and, I'm ashamed to admit, might even be my new favorite. I mean, you can only go so many years without watching Fantasia 2000 before you lose the right to call it your favorite.
Gazelle is hot as shit, so I drew a wallpaper for her. Nuff said.

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JudyHoppsSpongeBob's avatar
Wow! She is so beautiful!
kyrtuck's avatar
Didn't see what the big dea lwas about her -_-
Dachimotsu's avatar
For me, it comes down to three things:

1. She's hot.
2. She has a cute accent.
3. She's a great singer.
kyrtuck's avatar
So in other words, "because Shakira".
Dachimotsu's avatar
Well, I didn't even know who Shakira was until after I saw Zootopia, so not really.
kyrtuck's avatar
I own three of her albums :)

Im a little disappointed that they didn't use her old Animal city song somewhere in there.
ParagonVI5's avatar
She says "It's a cannibal world" after she says it's an animal city in the song
ParagonVI5's avatar
So it's good it wasn't used. Bitch was also said.
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LichSwederske's avatar
Wow, this actually would look pretty good as a professional wallpaper for Disney.
Fredbear246891's avatar
May I use this for a video?
Dachimotsu's avatar
As long as you link to this page, yes.
Fredbear246891's avatar
Myrcella13's avatar
Very nicely drawn.
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