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so many watchers for doing nothing, lol.
Tagged by :icondiegotan:

I'm lazy so I'll just anwser that stupid questions lol.

1. Okay, let's warm up: Are you a Brony?
2. Favourite historical character?
3. Favourite movie (few, if you have)?
4. Favourite musician/band?
5. If you could get 1 item from any sci-fi/fantasy, what would it be?
6. What's your favorite video-game that no one else likes?
7. Favorite pony/ponies?
8. If you had any video game heroes power, who and what power?
9. Do you like where you live?
10. What kind of food is your favourite?

1. No.
2. Stalin.
3. Wall-E.
4. Valve studio orchestra :D
5. Gravity gun obviously.
6. Dear Esther. People find it boring, dunno why!?
7. wtf? What ponies?
8. Jesus with his power to turn water into wine.
9. Sure. Poland rules the world, right?
10. Anything Diegotan gives me.

Now leave me alone.
Well ummm. Better late than never. So in case if someone missed it - my new PMV.…

Enjoy sounds of building construction.

I think I'll make some vectors now...
In case if you're watching me because of my work on YouTube - here's my new channel. Expect moar PMVs and stuff soon.

--> <--

I don't think I'll get old one back, so I uploaded Russian Dancing Ponies and My Little Chickens on Vimeo. Right here: