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Soviet Pony March Wallpaper 1

HD screenshots of my latest PMV "Soviet Pony March" - [link]

Based on this art [link] by :icondelta105:
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That face, is sheer perfection on a massive scale.
Awesomeness! :clap:
That face is also prof that Hasbro and their writers wasted a perfect villain in Dash. For a villain like Discord or Chrysalis could have transformed into being on their side by allowing her to be as fun, chaotic, adventurous, and lazy as she wanted.
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Great effects and work!Love Loving Rainbow Dash Face!
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here we go stalin, here we go clap clap
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I just discovered I have some Russian in me maybe.
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Great work! :clap:
Where do i get that Picture of Rainbow dash? :la: Her look is so awesome !
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Hm... somewhere on mlp-vectorclub, I don't have a link though.
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русские повсюду
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Везде они.Везде.
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Communism, schmomunism... I love this picture!
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Revolution is on the way !! :D
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32 Changelings in the case that the other 8 are the original.
Что за эффект (футаж / текстура) применён на картинке? Можете скинуть или дать ссылку на этот эффект?
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Loving Dashie's face :3
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