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Sad Rainbow Dash is sad

She just saw some haters.

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No she only accepts her love from me. Hug 
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I know what'll make her happy! Hug her! Show your love, all! WE LOVE YOU DASHIE!!!
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She saw me then.
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D'= Why would you say that! :cry:

Can't unsee~ :hmm:
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it was a epic
sonic vs. sigma (from the MMX games)
sonic died
leaving rainbow dash sad forever
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It was the biggest race of the century--Rainbow Dash vs. Sonic the Hedgehog... and Rainbow Dash lost...
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ignore that, and all my hater comments
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(hugs Rainbow Dash)
Sometimes I fear about Rainbow Dash's past ;_;.....I mean, in her most recent episodes, it seems that she has an almost DEATHLY fear of being alone or unappreciated. In her pet episode, she literally had a panic attack, and it wasn't really a funny kind. She could have pushed the boulder off at any time, but she couldn't even try cause she was too panicked.....that sounds like trauma. Does she even have parents? Her psych profile suggests she was an orphan.
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Well, all ponies from mane 6 had awful past before they met. We just know the least about RD's history.
True, but, there's just something about Dash. Despite being the most mentally grounded and rational of them(not the smartest, mind you, but she's smart enough), with the exception of maybe Applejack, she is clearly the most dangerous. I mean there is being brave, and there is automatic destruction on anybody if Applejack doesn't stop her. She attempted to attack Nightmare Moon, she tried to attack Trixie when she ran off with no apology, and in a recent episode, she threatened to crush the Flim Flam brothers. For a society immersed in good will, giving death threats isn't something you get just by being bullied a little when young.
Could have been an SVG file.
Nice vector!
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Rainbow Dash reflects on all the bronies who drew pictures and wrote stories about her being mutilated, raped, and forced into relationships with other ponies.

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Ey I love YOU ALL!
Even if I am older!
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Part of what I love about the show is that the faces of these pastel-colored ponies are so emotive. This image is an excellent (and saddening) example of that.
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Oh Rainbow I Still Love You *Hugs* D: :(
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