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Homestar Fortress

By DaBurninator
…And you thought Poker Night at the Inventory was the best crossover ever.

This calls for a CAST LIST!!!

Homestar Runner as the Scout:
When I first saw the Meet the Scout trailer on YouTube my jaw just flat out dropped. Ball cap? Red shirt? Runs fast? Yup, we have a winner! Just cut off the arms, paint the skin white, and… Yeah! It’s freakin’ Homestar!!! Need I explain more as to why this matchup works so well that it’s not even funny? I didn’t think so.

Homsar as the Soldier:
Now this one had to take a little thought. Only a little. Because the way Homsar wore that orange plastic bowl over his eyes in Army made him an odd but perfect match for the Soldier class. Ooh, and look! If it isn’t the movies bazooka! …does Homsar even know how to use one??

Strong Mad as the Heavy (Weapons Guy):
Looks like we have another winner, and he’s just about as happy about it as any of you guys could be! I mean, this one was just too obvious, although I’ll have to admit that getting the pose right was pretty tough. Plus I feel kinda bad that I couldn’t find a way to “homestarify” that whopping huge gatling gun, but it still looks awesome.

Strong Sad as the Medic:
I guess some of you are confused with this one, because Depressio here sure is. He’s all like, “I’m finding it hard to describe how uncomfortable I feel holding this weird looking saw right now…” Anyway, my second choice would’ve been Bubs for the Medic class, being that he’s a certified “Unethical Quack”, as evidenced in Bug in Mouth Disease, but the way the Medic isn’t exactly suited for the best combat really does a good job at fitting with Strong Sad’s sissy attitude. So… umm… moving on!

The Cheat as the Engineer:
Strong Bad’s diligent lackey has sometimes had a knack for whipping up contraptions to help him cheat at stuff, like bottomless two-foot pits, lazer lemons, and videro cameras, so why not give him a role where he can build stuff to help everybody on his team cheat at stuff? Not to mention those Harold Strap Coopmore shades from Space Program look super cool with his costume. Meh.

Bubs as the Demoman:
Maybe it had something to do with the eyepatch going good with his uneven eyes. Plus he’s always looked cool with a beard/mustache like in previous Halloween costumes. Whatever the case, Bubs makes a good Demoman… because if he was a BAD Demoman he wouldn’t be in the picture right now! Don’t forget to remove the fthoom, all you need is the bang.

Coach Z as the Sniper:
Isn’t it funny how these two characters have so much in common? They’ve both got that tall, skinny look to them, and everyone makes fun of their accent and spreads rumors about them sleeping in strange places… I guess the Coach volunteered for the part because he was told he was gonna get to pee in a cup. And so he does. Sick…

The Poopsmith as the Pyro:
Not only do the vows of silence of these two characters mesh so freaking awesomely, but what I’m really loving here is the Municipality gas mask. Not to mention the flamethrower that shoots chocolate hundred dollar bills from Different Town. Two whatsit-covered thumbs up!

Strong Bad as the Spy:
Oh. My. Goodness. Graphics! A real hit with the ladies, that Strong Bad, dressin’ all fancy like that. It’s been shown before that he’s used disguise tactics like the Spy, and made many attempts to pass himself off as another character for cheating’s sake, like in Jumping Jack Contest, Pumpkin Carve-nival, and Secret Identity. The job is pretty much pass or fail, but this costume is pure WIN, boxing gloves down!

And there you have it!
Homestar Runner © TBC + Team Fortress 2 © Valve = :faint:
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Wow :D This is cool of homestar runner art work nice job 👍

Flurr4's avatar

If I made a TF2 dub, I would make Pyro be Pom Pom, Miss Pauling be Marzipan and the Administrator be The King of Town, while The Poopsmith would be nobody since he doesn't talk

Kermitthefrog223456's avatar

Let me guess...Marzipan’s the Announcer.

AddistWasHere's avatar

i just said " im a force of nature" in homestars' voice so i just bursted out laughing

The-Awesomest-Man's avatar
Homescout: Hit the bwicks, pal, youw done.

Homsoldier: DaAaAaAaAaAaAa, I’m the rocket jump maggot.

Pyrosmith: (on sign) Mmph mph.

The Engicheat: Mreh meh mehmeh meh mrehmeh! (Spy Bad sapping my sentry!)

Heavy Mad: I’M A SANDVICH!!!

Demobubs: Then I bought myself a sticky jumper! But then I used it and broke my shins.

Medic Sad: I have no idea how to express just how uncomfortable I am right now.

Sniper Z: Sniping’s a good jorb, mates!

Spy Bad: Gentlemanns.

(P.S: need better quotes for Demobubs and Medic Sad plz 😖)
amnesiacjynx's avatar

"What makes me a good Salesman? If I were a bad salesman you wouldn't be asking me what makes me a good salesman!"

i could see bubs saying that.

Imdaman559's avatar
I hate how this fits so perfectly, but i love the art! :D
TylerOnCheese's avatar
This is an absolutely amazing crossover. Almost ever character combination fits perfectly. Good jorb. 
iamflowerpower2's avatar
I have an Idea to reanimate the meet the amazing tf2 animations and replace them with these characters
Rail-Brony-GXY's avatar
So...does that make KoT the announcer or Marzipan?
:iconparappaplz: Poker Night At The Inventory, anyone?
DI-FL's avatar
"aAAAaAAaaAAAA! Don't be frothy, mister suave! I rocket jump to the party room."
PLPXPP's avatar
The beauty of how well the characters fit in is unbearable(in a good way).
Great jorb pal!
Percyfan94's avatar
This is great you did!
Collin-Tfs's avatar
no wagon full of pancakes?
MonstrousPegasister's avatar
Now that I think about it, wouldn't Senor Cardgage make a better Sniper?
Sandvich33's avatar
I guess Marzipan is Miss Pauling.
Shermansharpshooter's avatar
She was too offended to take the part
ToxicFox2f's avatar
NuclearTestSite's avatar
uuaaahaa i've been raised by a trashcan! (that's what Homsar said)
By the way, AWESOME painting! Do more of it. Homestar and the gang are still alive in 2017!! And they will be forever Bounce   Even in Germany where I live!
uhm, but where is Trogdor? I mean he must burninate the peasants :D
chuggaacoRnroy's avatar
I think Pom Pom would make a better Pyro.
DaBurninator's avatar
For sake of irony?
chuggaacoRnroy's avatar
Well, yeah, but another thing is that they're both unintelligible but can still get their messages across. The Poopsmith has taken a vow of silence, so he won't be able to get his messages across. Pom Pom, on the other hand, has a thing of speech. Pyro mumbles? Pom Pom has that bubbly noise. Plus, how funny would it be to see Pom Pom with a flamethrower?
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