Too bad! Please?
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Lost Silver is complete.
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KorwynzeHobbyist Digital Artist
omfg awesome, is there one of Lavender town too?!
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what do you mean?
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KorwynzeHobbyist Digital Artist
one with the story of lavender town, or pokemon tower, i think?

(or was that pokemon tower? i dont really remember..))
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The rom for that is called Escape from lavender town 
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me either. XD this is what i get for replying months after
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KorwynzeHobbyist Digital Artist
i sometimes have a comment thats from months ago too xD
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haha, now u know how i feel
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KorwynzeHobbyist Digital Artist
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WaffelMuffinHobbyist Traditional Artist
I read the creepypasta before seeing the game... that was very accurate, and actually how I imagined it C:
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glad i recreated it like you imagined it! thankfully the creepypasta is pretty descriptive. that helped in making this game :D
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Excellent work. I've not seen too many style-accurate Pokemon games made in GM. Bonus points for keeping it so accurate to the pasta.
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o.o amazing. i love it XD
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MinerskillzStudent Filmographer
Holy no jesus this is is creepy as fuck
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ENGlNEERHobbyist Digital Artist
this is awesome and creepy as fuck
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MagicaITrevorHobbyist Writer
Thanks! I'ma give you a badge!
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Coca-Cola-GamerHobbyist Traditional Artist
The link to the game doesn't seem to work :C
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VolknerRealmStudent General Artist
Please give me the link in the comments section, my computer won't seem to follow the one in the text....
And I really really would like to play this game :')
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ShadiclesHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice. Somehow I enjoy this game.
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MikauKahnHobbyist Digital Artist
The scariest part is "How the hell did this end up in my favorites if I never put it there?"
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Please do pokemon black! I love this!
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Im scared,creepypasta sent me here,but im gonna play it,whoooo,here we go,wish me luck guys!
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Miss-WebgalHobbyist Digital Artist
I need this.
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pengucolaHobbyist General Artist
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ShikogoHobbyist General Artist
Creepypasta Video brought me here. Whas a nice Creppypasta, but not really authentic. ;) I find it kinda awesome that somebody acutally made that. I'll try it out right now!
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