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I love this style, the shadows make it really bold and it looks amazing :D I like the two merfolk the best, the fins look great ^^
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Thankx, very much appreciated
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Is a nice and hard job. Well done!
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You are wellcome.
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de nada .... disculpa por responderte tan atrasado esuqe llege resien del colegio,,,, XDDDD
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Me recuerda esa serie de hercules los viajes legendarios, la cierva dorada, pero mucho más cool y mucho mejor trabajada, excelente!!
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hahaha... pura vida,muchas gracias.
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Looks awesome, does it take many hours ?
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Really I cannot say exactly cause are a lot of works in there... but best guees that the answer is yes, he he he... thankx!!!
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Nice to see all sorts of Tauroids!
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very,very,VERY nice!!
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Gorgeous! I love it!
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really like this pic

please visit my gallery
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Thats really cool!
I like the merman in the back. You should draw him sometime, but make his lowers for fishy and muscular.
The lion guy in the back has great muscle placement.
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Thankx man... this guy [link] is from an old proyect that never see the light... probably should make more pics of him
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Your very welcome!
It is awesome, we could use people like you for Silgrad. Silgrad is a modders community for TES:IV Oblivion. Though you may have never played, or heard of the game, we could always use concept artist, and fresh new ideas.


Your picture of the merman would look great in either Thras, or Black Marsh. I personally stick to Black Marsh, because I've sort of adopted the project.
Any help would be great!
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