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GNULinux YinYang Logo

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Hi, interesting logo.
May I include it into a DEB package I made? (I see it is under a CC license.)
I understand it should be a logo, but it is similar to Scrivener icon an I would like to put it in the bundle I made to install scrivener on debian.
It is for personal use, but I might make it available on 'scrivener on linux' forum.
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Sure, no problem for me.
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This logo is cool! Blends both the GNU and Linux Tux Linux/Unix into one flat logo, yet keeps the simplicity of yin-yang YinYang 

Dablim Thanx 4 letting me use this logo in my Dash Button mod pack for Ubuntu Unity:… :love:
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My pleasure. ;)
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This is awesome, so I got it tattooed on my right hand/wrist.…
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O_o Oh are crazy, respect. :D (Big Grin)
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I kind of like it... but it also kind of looks like a penguin eating a guinea pig.
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best linux logo !    Gnu & linux united is the true spirit of OpenSource ! 
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Questo logo è fantastico, non mi è mai capitato di trovare riferimenti a GNU, di solito c'è solo Tux.
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È proprio notando questa mancanza che ho deciso di lavorarci su, grazie per il complimento. ;)
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Damn good !
Like your stuff mate ;)
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Awsome!!! Thanks!!!
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Featured (with credits of course) here:…
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Nice, although I'm having trouble to identify the gnu in the logo.
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Try rotating the logo.
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Grazie mille! :)
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really good concept. this is the best original GNU/Linux logo I have seen so far
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awesome love it :D
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I like your designs! Well done!
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Great work!
I am looking for a logo for my Linux distro dwmX.
Would you be able to make a logo based on the above incorporating 'dwmX' letters within.

Here is my website;

you can see the existing logo that is OK...but I am also looking for one 'in the round' to speak.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Great! Do I need to see 2 faces?
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