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Hi there! This week was very busy for me, but today was a really important day. Today I went to the dermatologist. Mom had finally made an appointment for it. I went there with to get some skin tags removed, as well as to look at the blackheads on my nose and the mole above my lip. I always hated the mole above my lip because it interfered with shaving. Turns out that not only was the, she agreed to remove the mole. After the dermatologist cut off three skin tags, she removed the mole. The pain I experienced while it was being removed was terrible - I actually screamed when she was using the needle to remove it. Now the mole above my lip is gone, and I'll never have to deal with it again. Now for the time being I have to wear a bandage above my lip and make sure it doesn't get infected. This was the first cosmetic procedure I've ever had - I guess there's a first time for everything.

In other news...me and my mom got ballots in the mail and we both voted. I voted for Biden. (There's no way in hell I'd vote for Trump - I can't stand Trump.) I'm just glad that I could do it by mail - it's a lot easier doing it at home.

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