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The Tower

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Today I drew a few pics related to The Tower of Druaga.

This picture is of the eponymous tower where The Tower of Druaga takes place. It is a large tower with 60 floors and lots of monsters hidden inside. The tower is located northwest of Babylim (the kingdom the Druaga games take place in and where Gil and Ki call home).

The story in the game is that the tower was originally built by the Sumer Empire when they conquered Babylim. The tower was so tall that it managed to block the light of the Blue Crystal Rod. The god Anu struck the tower and destroyed it, but Druaga later appeared, reassembled the tower, and took it for himself. First Ki tries to ascend the tower, but when she gets to the top, she is captured by Druaga and turned to stone. Druaga splits the Blue Crystal Rod into three rods. Gil later finds out about Ki's capture and is given armor by the goddess Ishtar to rescue Ki. He goes to the tower, and as he goes up, he finds upgrades for his armor and all three Crystal Rods. Gil manages to defeat Druaga, turn the three rods back into one, and free Ki. The power of the reassembled Blue Crystal Rod liberates the tower from Druaga's spell, but then the tower reverts to its ruined state. Gil and Ki have to find a new way out, and they eventually do. Once they leave the tower, they report back to Ishtar with the Blue Crystal Rod.

The tower's appearance differs depending on the versions. The one I used is the tower's appearance in the classic games (The Tower of Druaga, The Return of Ishtar, The Quest of Ki, and The Blue Crystal Rod). A different design was used in the Druaga anime.
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