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The Nightmare of Gilgamesh

By DaBair
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Back when I first joined FF.Net back in 2009, I wrote a fanfic adaptation of The Tower of Druaga. It wasn't very good, but I still had fun writing it. After a while, I didn't like how it came out. I made attempts to rewrite, but nothing ever came to fruition.

One of the scenes I had planned for the rewrite involved Gil having nightmares while he was recovering from an injury he got from repairing the tower's base. One such nightmare involves the tower coming to life and chasing Gil, and summoning monsters to chase him. These nightmares give Gil great discomfort, causing him to moan and breathe heavily while sleeping, and end with Gil waking up screaming. I decided to illustrate the nightmare with the living tower and monsters.

The monsters are based on some of the monsters from The Quest of Ki, The Tower of Druaga, and The Return of Ishtar. In the crowd is an axe beak, an eagle, a salamander, three slimes, a ghost, a roper, a vampire, and an ogre. That tentacle thingy is one of the hazards from The Quest of Ki. The living tower, though, is my own idea.

The outfit Gil is wearing is supposed to be his civilian outfit, which is shown in The Blue Crystal Rod. Not many people probably recognize it since that game was only released in Japan.
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