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Morals are good, but they're not necessary.

By DaBair
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This attitude about morals needed to make something good for kids seems to be prevalent among soccer moms, holy-rollers, 90s kids, and fans of MrEnter. But morals aren't always needed. If done the wrong way, morals can become overly preachy or even obnoxious. I don't care what these moo cows think - TVs aren't there to babysit your kids. Overly moralistic garbage will eventually tire the kids out and bore them - they'll want to watch stuff that doesn't teach morals. If you're so paranoid about kids watching stuff with no morals, maybe you shouldn't let them watch TV at all. Same goes for movies and books.

In the end it's the parents who have to teach children morals, not the TV.
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FrostyTrifle1993Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you, thank you, YOU ARE MY HERO!

Cartoons are supposed to be plain and simple fun, not preachy, wholesome schlock. This is a reason I'm not a big fan of modern cartoons, as most of them feel obligated to teach lessons that most parents today are too lazy to teach.

I'm actually planning on making a cartoon centered around kids and teenagers who run around (even traveling the world) with no authority figures to stand in their way (the few adults there are are selfish, entitled, rude, or otherwise incompetent and naive) and no morals, just pure brain candy and cartoonish antics.

Sorry this was so long.
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Another problem with morals is that, if you have a show that has to have a moral in every episode, it can get forced at some point.  What I mean is, you may end up with an episode where the characters behave out of character for the moral to work, or the moral ends up being so badly explained that the audience might miss interpreted it.

This is why, if I make it as a writer, my shows aimed at children will not force themselves to have morals - if a moral works for that episode, I will include one, but they aren't needed.
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FrostyTrifle1993Hobbyist Digital Artist
Another bad thing they do with morals is the "Complainer is Always Wrong" thing. Even if one person in a group is the only one making sense, he's still wrong regardless.
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I don't care whether a certain medium is pushing/teaching morals or not, as long as it's ultimately enjoyable.
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NicholasTheBlueGWRStudent Traditional Artist
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For examples, Grindhouse movies are simply pure entertainment. That is all they are, and that is fine.
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Foxtrot-NationHobbyist Artist
I agree, it can be just pure entertainment. No morals just fun to watch, play, read, listen to etc. etc.
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SpiralHope55Student Traditional Artist
I don't really care about morals.
The only thing i care when i saw some TV shows are characters development and the humors.
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I apply this to music as well. 
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Most cartoons I watched didn't even have morals.
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LegobyteHobbyist Digital Artist
Unpopular opinion ALERT!

I like learning from cartoons.
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stormpumaHobbyist Artist
Show this to Mr Enter and grab your popcorn afterwards...
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Actually, Mr. Enter stated that he doesn't need morals in every shows... He just wants the show to teach morals PROPERLY.
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stormpumaHobbyist Artist
It's just a bit obnoxious when you think about it.

The Enterbots are probably worse than Mr. Enter himself. They attacked the
SpongeBob creators online, but then Enter himself realized how much of
an asshole he was, and told the fans to stop.
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Boschian-FantasiesStudent General Artist
Tell this to the MLP:FiM fandom.
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Seiya-MeteoriteHobbyist Filmographer
Agreed, frankly I think MLP: FiM is telling out bad morals nowadays (like when villains do evil stuff and when they get redeemed they get a pat on their back/get away with it with zero consequences)...
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Boschian-FantasiesStudent General Artist
OMG, really? REALLY?

No wonder I hate the show.
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Seiya-MeteoriteHobbyist Filmographer
Yes. It's been doing that since season 5 at least.

Understandable, at least other shows have done reformations better also (Sailor Moon for one) or they don't redeem villains at all.
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DEEcat98Student Digital Artist
Shows with no morals are actually made for entertainment, not for learning.
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DaBairHobbyist General Artist
That's right. It's okay to watch something just for entertainment.
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DEEcat98Student Digital Artist
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LightArcIndumatiHobbyist Writer
Agreed. I kind of find morality plays in general boring anyway, since it either tends to be contradictory and batshit insane, or just plain generic and more of a boring chore then a pleasure.
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I agree 
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