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Hormisdas Renard

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And here is another of my Ever After High OCs, Hormisdas Renard. I finally got to drawing him with real clothes on instead of just a swimsuit. Hormisdas is the son of Prince Philidor and Princess Irena from the French-Canadian fairy tale The Fairy Quite Contrary. Hormisdas is fond of cherries and loves to take care of cherry trees. He is quiet and aloof much of the time. He has ADHD and can't sit still for a second, plus he tends not to focus, According to him, his family is as far from Parisian as fairy tale royalty get, since they eat poutine instead of coq au vin and watch hockey instead of soccer. (He's got a good sense of humor.) Hormisdas does not like sensitive topics and can get very anxious if something controversial being discussed, and he occasionally has outbursts in class.

I found The Fairy Quite Contrary in a book on archive.org. The book isn't public domain, so unfortunately I can't provide the text. The story is about a prince and princess who are given fairy gifts at birth, but the prince (Philidor) has a curse laid on him. He is enchanted in the form of a blue fox. The princess (Irena) has the power to make flowers and fruits grow, and she meets him in the woods.

Hormisdas' surname means fox in French. As for his first name, I found it on a Canadian website that had thousands of old-fashioned French-Canadian names (many of which were never used in France). I tend to give my royalty OCs fancier names, even ones that are very archaic-sounding. 

Here is his page on the Ever After High Fandom Wiki: everafterhighfandom.fandom.com…
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