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Eunice Zoranj

By DaBair
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I drew two more of my Ever After High OCs yesterday and today. First off is Eunice Zoranj, pictured here. She is the daughter of the girl from the Haitian fairy tale The Magic Orange Tree. Eunice loves to grow orange trees. She uses the oranges from them to make all sorts of recipes (including her favorite, orange cake). She is fond of nature and loves to spend time outdoors. She is willing to take her destiny and doesn't mind that there isn't a prince, since she's very down-to-earth. She suffers from sickle cell anemia, which causes her great pain at times, and has been in and out of the hospital multiple times due to it.

The Magic Orange Tree is a variant of Cinderella, and it's a rather unusual one in that there's no prince. It focuses on a girl who lives with her wicked stepmother. The girl buys oranges and uses them to grow a magic orange tree over her mother's grave that provides more oranges. The girl can tell the tree to grow taller or shorter, and she uses it to outwit her stepmother.

Here is her page on the Ever After High Fandom Wiki: everafterhighfandom.fandom.com…
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