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Highgarden concept

Game of thrones fan piece
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very obliviony
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This looks amazing ^^ And it looks so much like a concept I actually have in mind haha. Great work!
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Thank you very much! :)
This would have been a better concept than what the show gave us. For years in the books and the show we were told of how magnificent Highgarden was, that it was basically the gem of Westeros. We then saw Horn Hill, which was the home of a vassal but not even one of the major ones like the Redwynes, Hightowers and Florents. That home was stunning so the expectations were pretty high for Highgarden to be even more stellar than that and it just wasn’t. 
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Thank you, yeah I did this to try and show a more majestic but military capable fort interpretting some notes from the book. I do think Highgarden in the show was a victim of budget, and its a shame it didn't get the same treatment as Horn hill and other areas. But in general the show runners saw Martell and Tyrell's as minor houses, and wasn't done justice at all. 
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