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Baby Boomers Baby BoomersVlad Masters was sitting in his study in his brand-new home, the king of the castle. Quite literally, given his house was a castle. He lifted his head for a moment from looking at the documents on his marble desk to look around.The castle had numerous rooms, and he had to acknowledge a simple fact. It was a good thing he'd agreed to let his wife make the major designing choices. Magdalene had had help, of course. She'd called in an old friend of her father's who was an interior designer back in her hometown.Her father's old friend Cassidy made a living with working people who Mag's father sold real estate too. After the families bought the property, she come in and helps them with designs and renovation.She was more then delighted to help her old friend's daughter with her interior decorating free of charge. Saying she owed her father a favor and family doesn't take money from family.With Ms. Cass's assistance, the castle genuinely became a home. It was a smart move to use both neutral and light colors. Each accented the rooms flawlessly, and the way each room was organized was perfect too.It felt open, airy, cozy, and welcoming. Overall, things hadn't been overdone at all—even his wife's need to have both fresh-cut flowers and religious representation done nicely.In every room was at least one devout icon. Whether it was a cross, an artistic creation, plaques with religious writing, or other such things, none of it was overdone.Magdalene figured out which flowers to have in the house and where to put them. She had told him at least once a week about what each flower meant in the language of flowers.But frankly, with so many flowers and how many in different colors had different meanings, Vlad doubted he could keep them all straight. He, at least, knew what the flowers were and where they were.Outside on the property were roses, lilacs, purple hyacinths, forget-me-nots, and tulips in all different kinds of colors. It made the piece of land look so much more friendly and welcoming.At present, they had servants to help them maintain the castle and everyday living. Their rooms were fit for people above their station as they treated everyone with equal respect and kindness.For their female staff members, their rooms held carnations, lotus, and lilies. As for the men? They had irises, chrysanthemums, and peonies. All of their guest rooms had sunflowers.Every single one of the bathrooms housed violets and lavender, and each corridor had some hawthorn, holly, arum. It was a soothing and calming effect and made the castle less creepy at night if someone was wandering the halls under a moonless sky.Each of the primary rooms for a social gathering in the castle also held its own unique flowers. The entrance hall they'd placed marigolds and gardenias, which Vlad didn't mind giving his wife two items in the space she deemed his.The large living room had fresh apple and orange blossoms, and they ate dinner in their dining room to the calming scents of jasmine and petunias.They had yet to decorate the rooms they'd set aside for when they'd their family. Magdalene desired the bedrooms for their children to have both cherry blossoms and their birth month flowers.Lost in thought, he wasn't aware that someone was sneaking up on him till he suddenly felt someone throw their arms around his neck and attacked him with kisses."Magdalene! Please! I surrender!" as his wife turned visible and finished attacking her husband. "Oh, my sweet Vlad, you look so tense. Should I give you a massage? I know how to do that since Leta taught me.""A massage sounds like a good idea," as he removed his suit's jacket, and she started on his back."You need not be so tense, honey. Try and loosen up. You have more knots then a boy scout earns badges for!" she remarked as she worked harder on his tense back."I wish I could unwind, but it so hard," he replied as he made a glance at the papers on his desk. "We're building that brand-new medical institution and then there the meetings with the oversea investors we've got at the end of the week.If that doesn't go well, we won't be able to get the financial support we need to help bring alleviation to third world countries," he finished glumly."Oh, baby, please take your mind of work for a little while?" pleaded his beautiful wife. "Everything will work out eventually. We just need to have a little faith and trust. You know the Lord never let us down," glancing at the painting of Jesus she placed in his study."No, he hasn't. I must admit I wasn't that into going to church before, but now I look forward to it," his smile made his wife gush with love as she hugged him tightly."Glad you do," knowing perfectly well he had detested it before. It made her thrilled he'd changed his tune. She understood religious belief, and the house of prayer wasn't everyone's cup of tea. Also, most people who didn't like it agreed their time could be better spent elsewhere. Therefore she was happy he'd come to accept it now.She then became a little more serious, "Now before we talk about anything else, I wanted to remind you that your mother and sister are coming for dinner next Saturday. So we should make sure the staff know that we've human guests coming.""You think it was a bad idea to have both ghosts and humans to serve as our household staff?" her husband questioned cautiously, and she shook her head."No, I mean the ghostly ones all do an excellent job passing for humans during the workday. Furthermore, their rooms have special locks. So they can turn back to normal without distressing about the humans finding out.""I was just going over everyone's files again. Making sure we have the best staff possible," he informed her of what he'd been up too."Let me see the ghost ones first. Since I need to talk to them first about your mother and sister impending arrival.""Here they are in the green folders," handing her neon green files. The written documents inside were made from ecto-energy with ectoplasmic ink. Only a ghost could hold these papers or decode the written material on them."Let's see, first up is our butler Bailey and his wife Anna," as the papers levitated in front of her. "Now Bailey was born a ghost, and his wife Anna was transformed into a ghost. Everyone in the Ghost Zone knows her as Nanny Anna, given what she did in her living life," Magdalene starting going over the personalized files."Yes, both came highly recommend, and its nice Anna found love again as a ghost," Vlad commented to which his wife smiled. They turned their attention back to the floating papers to continue to read."Yeah, sure is. Now Bailey as good a butler as his name and with Anna as head of housekeeping? Both do an excellent job. I know when we have our own family, Anna will be ideal for young children," the page flipped to reveal another file."She also leads those identical quad sisters, Amelia, Carol, Violet, and Isis well! So at least for housekeeping, things are perfect!" laugh softly about that."Now as for our mechanics?" he said as a new folder flew from the pile. Then it opened itself and turned to the correct page. "Brothers Dale and Al? It's hard to believe they are the older brothers to Carl, aka the Box Ghost. At least they are not as much a nuisance as he is.""Yeah, the Box Ghost is a bit of an oddball, but a harmless one," Mag nodded in agreement. The files continued to flip themselves for her landing on their kitchen staff. "I know because we're hybrids, we need to incorporate some spectral nutrients into our diets to stay healthy. Which is why we've both humans and ghosts working in the kitchen," she paused a moment to look over the next few bios."Amazingly, we've got Pixel's aunt and cousins working for us," Vlad acknowledged for her. Smiling as he made his wife sit in his lap to which she giggled, he went on." Her Aunt Delia is the best veterinary surgeon anyone could ask for. Her oldest cousin Tommy sure is a jack of all trades. His two younger sisters Crystal and Amber, do wonders in the kitchen. Wulf makes an excellent bodyguard. I just wish he had learned English like his sister.""Can't have everything, darling," she tapped his nose, and he blushed as she snuggled closer to him and let out a contented sigh, " At least I've helped in the garden and the greenhouse where we grow our own fresh fruits and vegetables with Lily and Ashley.A lovely mother and daughter pair. Their skills with horticulture are sensational but not nearly as awe-inspiring as I am, I'm afraid.""No one in your opinion would be a better gardener then you, sweetheart," he whispered into her ear, causing her to giggle once again."True, very true. I see we got an entirely musical family for music teachers. Thanks again for agreeing to our future children who need some creative outlets. Music and the arts, I believe, are significant."" Not a problem, Mag. I want to give our family as many opportunities as possible.That's why he hired Maya's friend DJ's family, his wife Melody and her two daughters, Harmony and Aria," Vlad recalled the very appropriate named musical family."Well, I doubt that will be the end of the musical family. From what I heard when I spoke last with Melody, her and husband want to try for another child.""Do you recall how the Ancients explained to us how ghosts have children? You know when they first start training us and working towards us gaining citizenship?""Yes, they said we needed to know since we told them we planned to have kids someday. So it's important to know how a human and ghost pregnancy are going to work together for two halfas.""I thought to have the sex talk when I was a kid was bad enough, but learning how ghost procreates was just as gross as learning about sex from my mother!""It wasn't that bad. I honestly thought the video they showed us in school about what to expect when girls hit puberty was far more disgusting then learning about how ghosts have babies.""Well, at least all couples can have children. Since its not just a female ghost who can have a baby.""No, it's not a purely a female thing for spirits. When a couple's energy becomes truly in-sync and reached the appropriate amount of energy, then pregnancy occurs.Once the parent's cores reached this point when their ecto-energy is ready, an infant ghost core is formed.The infant's core then attaches itself to whoever the healthier parent in terms of whose body can handle it better. From there is similar to a healthy pregnancy.They feel tired and sluggish due to having the extra core within their own. Plus, their having ectoplasm reserves drained. Similar to a human's, the placenta feeds the fetus.It's recommended their partner stays close. So they can give them extra energy and nourishment for the infant's core. It also helps developing babies recognize their parent's power.As humans, it takes nine months for the infant's core to develop appropriately. But their manner of birth is different then humans.""That is true. When an infant core is ready to detach, the carrying parent will feel pressure in their chest. It can range from blood-and-guts to excruciating. Once the infant core is fully removed, the ectoplasm energy it had consumed helps it construct a form," finished Vlad for her."Yep, can't wait till we have that talk with our future kids. Boy, will that throw them for a loop! So back to the staff? How are the humans we hired doing?""Well, the family of personal trainers is all well. Brothers Nigel and Ulric and their wives Layla and Elisa are in top form. As is Ulric and Elisa's daughter Yuki.""They will come in handy to whip everyone into shape since we asked them not just to be our family trainers but the whole household since we need to keep everyone around here healthy. Your bone marrow may've saved my life, but I still need to take meds for my weakened immune system.""Yeah, I know, it made you stronger, but it didn't cure you.""No, it didn't, but it did give me a powerful boost. So how are our own personal Baywatch stars doing?""Noah is very good at keeping the pool in check, and his wife and daughter Colette and Angela do wonders in the kitchen.The horses are well taken care of by Alaric's family. His wife Rena may be the final cook in the kitchen, but their sons Chris and Max do a bang-up job in the stables with their father.""That's nice. How is our driver Parker doing with her younger brother Zephyr?""Zephyr may be a little introverted, but he does a great job taking care of the grounds as the groundskeeper. He seems to have a few friends with our groomers, Scott, his wife Stella, and their son Andy.""Well, I'm very pleased with our choices for who helps us keep this home afloat. Now, remember, Ian is coming over today at three to talk shop.""If you mean talk shop, he wants my advice on how to propose to Stacy.""Vlad, he's your best friend! Of course, he is going to ask for your help!""It's still a little strange having so many friends now. Because the only friend I had growing up was my sister.""I know what you mean to have only a few friends. Since Leta was pretty much my best and only friend growing up. Speaking of which, she's invited all the girls to a private yoga class tonight at her shop.""When you mean girls, you mean?""Yes, our human and ghost friends. Two hours of yoga followed by a meditation lesson, and then we finish with a healthy meal. I'm eager to see how our ghost friends handle yoga.""Is this going to become a thing with you and Leta? I mean, as we've just talked about, we do have our own gymnasium and personal trainers.""I know that, but I do need to spend time with my friends! So if it means every other weekend, private yoga classes. You know you should spend some time with your friends off the clock too.""How? You won't let me have any alcoholic beverages because they are 'poisons' according to you.""Well, I was taught growing up; you should avoid temptations as much as possible. At the church I belong to growing up, Uncle Quinn would preach such poisons are those people willingly taint their bodies with.He'd have this long sermon he read at least twice a month why you shouldn't smoke, drink, do drugs or gamble. My family took that very much to heart.""I understand, I do, Magdalene. But is it so bad I want to go hang out a bar once and while with my friends? You know, I'm not going to a strip club or anything.I just want to go out with my friends and have a drink once and a while. You know we've to compromise on some things. I've agreed to go to church with you and allow you to go to bible study every Monday and Thursday evenings.Now you want every other weekend to have your girl time. Well, what about me? When do I get something?"She sighed softly, knowing her husband had made a point. "Can we discuss this later, Vlad? I promise I'll be willing to work out a deal with you. But can it wait for another time?""As long as we talk about it.""Okay, I'm going to go to my atrium to tend to my garden. Don't forget to make sure the lab in the basement is locked up properly after you check on your research project.""You think its a bad experiment, my dear? Seeing how to convert ectoplasm into a clean energy source?""Well, at least we not killing anyone to get it. Our friends from the other side just channel some of their energy into special batteries we can store for later use.""Yes, well, you get on with your day, and I'll get on with mine. See you later, Magdalene.""Later, Vlad," as they kissed and went separate ways. He turned back to his documents. Taking ten minutes to get them accurately organize, he headed to the secret passageway that led to their laboratory.Of course, they used the best security system in both the human and ghost worlds combined to protect their home. Also, to ensure no-one got in the lab and caused an accident.Even if they weren't parents yet, Vlad and Mag weren't stupid. They already knew that keeping the lab locked was very important because of how small children are.Vlad was incredibly proud of their science laboratory. It looked like something out of a sci-fi movie but even more futuristic and slightly creepy. He sometimes wonders what Jack and Maddie's home and lab must look like.He'd lost touch with both after he was sent to the hospital and fell in love with Mag, though he was still curious about what became of his former friend and former lover.Vlad knew perfectly well that those two would never let their obsession with ghosts go. Furthermore, take an extremely unorthodox manner of going after them. He was sure of that, at least. Given the Ghost Zone Special Task Force kept track of all ghosts hunters in the human world.They didn't have much of a problem with people like Jack Kenna or Michelle Desrochers since people like them weren't racist. People like them had respect for the supernatural. They did what they could to help people deal with those who were renegades.It was people like the Fentons who had no respect for ghosts and wanted to inflict torture and other horrors the Ghost Zone had problems with. Believe it or not, even those who lived in the Ghost Zone dealt with racism.However, for the entities who lived in the Ghost Zone, their idea of what racism was vastly different from humans. Ghosts, in general, were fairly more tolerant and accepting things that human society was against.For example, since ghosts had no concept of their own religion, there weren't wars fueled by that. They also had no problems with any one part of the Pride Community.Given how their bodies were, in general, everyone in the Ghost Zone was very accepting of all relationships and bodies. They even helped fight for the laws to be changed in the human world. Those of the Pride Community wouldn't suffer.But also because of their unique bodies and powers, no one ever had any real concept of being discriminated based on skin or skills. Everyone was treated fairly and equally.What ghosts saw as racial discrimination was how humans viewed them. They had to let some things slide like human horror films, for example. But they didn't tolerate those who didn't show ghosts proper respect or intended to inflict harm on.They didn't like being used in humans curses or being slander in any fashion. So while they did respect humans who only helped deal with the renegades who forsaken the Ancient Laws, they didn't tolerate those like the Fentons who saw them as things without feelings and wanted to inflict harm on them.Going over to a particular container Vlad looked at his latest research project. It seemed a bit like an over-sized lava lamp. With the 'lava' being ectoplasm and what was supposed to be liquid were different energies crackling."It's amazing," as he ran his hand down it. "So much power in such a tiny thing. If there is a way to utilize this energy into a proper energy source, we could find an answer to the energy crisis.""Be careful with your ambitions, Plasmius. You don't want them to blow up in your face," a voice spoke behind him. He whirled around to see a young woman dressed in orange and yellow. The young woman was fashionable dressed in a shirt with a caplet, jeggings, and wedged sandals."Dynama? What brings you to my humble abode today?" addressing the Ancient Ghost of Energy, who was in her human form."You are experimenting with energy. That falls under my jurisdiction. So I've come to see you are taking proper precautions. Also me and the rest of your wife's girlfriends have a date with yoga tonight.""Yeah, she mentioned that. Well, as you can see, the energy is contained properly. Its a matter of finding a way to convert the ghostly energy and ectoplasm into functional energy. Right now, I'm having some problems in using it as a substitute for what powers my house.""If I may make a suggestion?""Yes?""You are on the right track to make a clean energy source, its a matter of having unity and making the positive and negative flow together. We've different energy types as we do cores. So you need a way to make the different energies have the same wattage.For example, green energy would be a different size bulb then say someone with blue. You need a bulb that can handle all different levels with the ectoplasm acting as the conductor.""Thanks for the advice, Dynama. How soon with the rest of the girls be coming through the portal?""Half an hour tops. Lilith is tracking them down as we speak. I hope you don't mind us using your portal. But it was created by Dimensie and therefore has all the protection he and the rest of us can offer for you.""No, I don't mind at all. You know the secret passages that only ghosts can use to get out of here. So you'll be able to show up in the secluded part of the property, so no one sees you coming or going.""Excellent. Well, I must stay here to make sure we all cross safely.""Okay, I'll see you later. I'll be locking the lab up behind me. But again, just use the ghost passageway, and you'll be fine."Nodding, they separated. Vlad went to find his wife, who was in the music conservatory playing the piano. She was a prodigy. After she finished playing a piece by Bach, he got her attention.She knew what he wanted to talk about. So over some lemonade, they spoke about Vlad having his friends over. She agreed even if she didn't approve of alcohol, she couldn't stop him.But she did say if he went to the bar he wouldn't order any hard liquor and no more then three glasses. And that Parker always drove everyone home, so there be no chance of a DUI.Happy about that and that they'd try and figure out other things in the time it was time for them to get ready for their evening with their friends. While Mag was having her female friends go to Leta's shop for yoga, Vlad went to the Ghost Zone this time to finally go to their bar, the Hangman, to join his male friends.Both of them enjoyed their night out. After they'd enjoyed themselves for a least an hour, all of them brought up the topic of impending parenthood. They spent a good portion of the night talking about what they planned to name their children and their hopes for their future children.From the years 1990 to 1996 everyone was busy having lots of babies. In the year 1990, Empathy and Kai were born to the Ancients of Peace and the Dead. Empathy on October 31st and Kai July 13th.Throughout the year 1991, the next birthdays were Jazz Masters on February 16th, Sage, the son of the Ancient of Wisdom, was born on July 9th.The year 1992 was the birth of the son of Chaos Draven, born February 13th.The year 1993 was when the booming really happened. February 2nd was Daniel Masters' birthday. This was followed by Hunter, Techna, Desire, and Vanity, and Prima was born on April 9th, April 16th, April 30th, June 18th and finally, October 23rd.Born in the year, 1994 were Enchantra's child Aidan on April 10th and Tempest's child Gale on October 23rd.On March 11th, 1995, Danielle Masters was born.And finally, in the year 1996 was the birth of Vida's son Ollie on February 12th and Ian and Stacy's daughter Brooke on September 21st.Of course, other people were born during this time, but everyone would learn about them later in life. But these are the known ones for now.So at least everyone who wanted to have a child had ones, and with them came the hopes for a brighter future for both the Ghost Zone and Earth.KaiThunder is the creator of both how ghosts have children and the character of Kai. Spector14 helped come up with the Ancient's children, which you'll learn more about as everyone grows up. We still have a few characters yet to come to the into play. But again can only do so many at once. Enjoy.Prima- Ghost of Destiny and Fate- Spector14Techna- Sadie from Steven Universe (Kate Micucci)Hunter- Robbie from Gravity Falls? (T. J. Miller)Vanity-Chloe from Miraculous Ladybug xD (Selah Victor)Desire- Alya from Miraculous (Carrie Keranen)Brooke Kent- the preteen daughter of Ian and Stacy. Voiced by Erin Fitzgerald- Juleka from Ladybug.Kai- Paul Mercier, the inspiration is Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 4-Empathy - Nolan North (voiced Smokescreen in Transformers: Prime) (he's the white/blue/red robot)Sage - Mitchel Musso (Jeremy from Phineas and Ferb)- birthday July 9thGale - Zach Callison (Steven from Steven Universe)- birthday October 23rdDraven - Matthew Moy (Lars from Steven Universe) Birthday February 3rdAidan - AJ Michalka (Stevonnie from Steven Universe)- April 10thOllie - Tara Strong (Timmy from Fairly Odd-parents)- February 12th
Spyro kingdom collaboration page 1 by Cadecox2004
W.I.P 2020
Space Glamz Debut Album Cover: WIP #2 by WhereIsTheSunlight
Space Glamz Debut Album Cover: WIP by WhereIsTheSunlight
The sadness of a demon by AcrowDTS
Meet the Artist vol.2 by Kleoite
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My Brother by NattyTashy
Hatsune Miku ~ by AjaOkami
Lana Solaris by Kamiyamark by DrewDiddy1996
The Green Girl by JBergen1910
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Ahri KDA by IKrystalDrawing
Photography 2018
Waiting by dashakern
Photo Manipulations 2018
Mournhold - City of Light, City of Magic by Nikulina-Helena
Designs and Interfaces 2018
...via blue by agevla77
Stocks and Resources 2018
YCH Chibi Couple - Open!! :D by Micha19
W.I.P 2018
Whistler mountain by Dennis64
Beautiful Lake Michigan by theoriginalsatio
Digital Art 2017
In my soul there are endless mountains by Sabretooth2611
Photography 2017
A Familys' Evening by TheEmpatheticCat
Traditional Art 2017
Annihilation by Stone-Arazel-Heart
A gentle rain washes pain by annewipf
Photo Manipulations 2017
A Glance Of Nature by JayGraphixx
Female knight practice~ by OnShiGou
W.I.P 2017
Wonder Woman WIP 1 by AndyVRenditions

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Green Nude by SeanBeckett
Gift for Linaara by Neo-Hatoresu
Designs and Interfaces 2017
Grindelwald Dumbledore | Johnny Depp Jude Law GIF by chernyshov
Stocks and Resources 2017
Painted Blonde Hair Stock 2 by bonbonka
koi-kanai by newlanewla
Couple Base 1 by Iduna-Haya
W.I.P - Works in progress
Asuka wip by Telemaniakk
Winged Monkey (Poseable) by Sukhanov


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I just want to say I'm literally blown away by the sheer amount of talented artists we got in this group, its very inspiring and motivating at the same time. I'm hoping to see more amazing works in the future and if your artwork isn't featured yet then it will be on the next, so please never get demotivated, just keep that creativity flowing. Also I would like to mention that as there are too many awesome artworks, I didn't want to stack up all at once. Hence I'll create separate journals for each category. Digital Art is next!

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