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Wood Elves

I painted this for the new Wood Elves army book. You can read more about it on my blog.…

I ended up having to change the painting a bit because GW came out with new minis, so my illustration needed to reflect those changes. 
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This is a magnificent creation :).
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I still can't get over the fact I see this every time I open the book. Great job man.
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got this for my desktop background. ;)
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Very nice! You are a great artist! :D
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I've seen some of your video and most times you do not start with sketches, do you sketch or thumbnail for something like this? their is a lot going on. An it looks amazing BTW
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if the gaint tree people looks like the one in your art. i would play them!:D
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Hail Cernunnos!
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Massive fan of your work Daarken. I'm also a massive Wood Elves fan. Great work.
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Great depiction of wood elf glory!
I should have known this was you!  I love your warhammer art!
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OMG!!!! Amazing!!! i'm for the Great Nature!!! Glory for Gaïa!!
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Well, those humans are doomed.
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amazing. so much detail and so much chaos.
man how do you stay focused
Looks WOW ") my fav. army by far
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Awesome work! Man, talk about a nostalgia trip. I used to play Wood Elves waaaaaay back in the day. Really digging their new look!
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This is sooo awesome!
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Love the wood elves :)
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i love it ! reminds me of the card game Magic at some point ! :p you did some illustration for them i think, no?
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I work for GW and had a hand to play in making the Wood Elves book.... this was my favourite piece of art from the book and spent a fair amount of time soaking up its loveliness! beautiful :)
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